Amend Existing Bulletin Board Site Whitelist to Include Google Sheets

Apologies if this isn’t the correct place, I made an earlier post in Forum Feedback and was directed here. As far as I can tell this is the closest feature request category to the DevForum.

In my weekly dev posts to my community multiple times I’ve wished to show a spreadsheet to my community through Google Sheets. However the current rules are:

Only links to Twitter, GitHub, Gitlab, YouTube, Twitch and Trello are allowed. Do not post links to other domains (such as Discord).

Being able to link to spreadsheets, such as a recent one I made which auto-updates the predicted release date of a project of mine. Would be very helpful to be able to share with community members.

I would also like to be able to link google sites pages so that I can share my design document for my game.

I feel that as Roblox evolves into a more professional tool, being able to share spreadsheets and design documents with your community would be a great next-step.


#forum-feedback was fine, my reply was just talking about how your title didn’t seem like a feature request and, since #forum-feedback is for questions and features and bug reports, it seemed to me like you were asking a question.


Oh haha I was actually referring to Wsly’s reply to post, but I believe I can change the topic of this one back to #forum-feedback if everyone agrees that’s the correct place to do so. I swear every-other time I post, half the thread ends up being how I used the wrong category lol.

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Please review the pinned About topics in categories before creating topics there to make sure you’re not making mistakes. Moved this to forum feedback.

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