American Farm House Feedback

Hi I need your opinion about my house in the style of a classic American farm house for a long time does not deal with making houses / buildings because for months I decided to do only professional interiors. What do you think? I will do the interior at another time but at the moment I care about the opinion of the outside.


Is that a picture of a real life house because that’s amazing how long did it take you to make.


I agree, this looks phenomenal!


Thank you soo much I think it took me 6-7 hours. Have a nice day.

Overall I think its really good, my only suggestion would be to maybe scale down the paneling textures a bit (if its a texture otherwise this would have to be done manually) since they seem a bit large.

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Myself when i play games i will notice little things like this and it will bug the hell out of me, fix the clipping and you are fine