Amnesia TDD Cistern Entrance Showcase

Hey everyone! So you may have noticed if you follow me that I’ve been doing a few things with Amnesia: The Dark Descent, like the Servant Brute head I made earlier.
Anyways, I decided to try out a few things in my next attempt. More modelling and a bit of recreation. I decided to recreate the Cistern Entrance from the game and I think it turned out well.

The game is a bit laggy, and playing it under 8 graphics makes it look a little weird with how I set it up, so I decided to combat this by making two games, one for future, one for shadowmap. The future one is the laggy one, the shadowmap one is less laggy.

You can find the shadowmap one under the description of the game. I’ll put some pictures of the future one up but it’s better to come on down and experience it.
Hope you enjoy!

Game link: Cistern Entrance Showcase - Roblox

Future images



I liked the detail with the small layer of water above the baseplate. looks sweet.

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