Among Us [Lighting/Vision System]

Made this in a matter of a few hours while on my break period, has some bugs and isn’t very performance friendly, will work on performance soon.

Post your suggestions down below for this, doubt it’ll actually end up going in to a game but I figured I’d make it for fun.



nuff said

BUT! If I had a suggestion, it would to somehow blur around the light, to look like its spread out, know what im saying?


lookin forward to whats coming :slight_smile:

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Are you willing to share how you were able to bend Light instances around obstacles? The Shadows property on itself doesn’t do light bending like this as far as I’m aware, or maybe this is something that one of the newer technologies (Future specifically) does.


looks pretty cool so far. looks like its actually inspired by among us unlike a couple others. i would love to see this game come to life and actually look good.

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@Crrustyy Not entirely sure what you mean, are you talking about making the shadow fade in/out more rather then being harsh? If so then while its a good idea, it wouldn’t match the style of this game very well.

@NoradSupport @ileccs Appreciated :smiley: Not sure if I’m going to continue with this, if I do it will be based on Among Us, but definitely had its own spins.

@colbert2677 Set the time to 12, Raycast to see what the players vision is, block out what isn’t in their vision.