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This portfolio is outdated, please check my account for a updated version.

Hi, I’m Amoory, I’m a 3D Modeler who’s been on ROBLOX for almost 8 years, and I’ve been making 3D Models for around 2 years, I specialize in Blender and try to improve in my free time.



3D Sculpted Dog


Chibi Armor Set

3D Layered Tunic

Weapon Set

Bugatti Chiron

R15 3D Clothing

Ford Explorer

Ford Explorer

I can also make different types of 3D Models such as Characters, Environment, etc. If you need any type of 3D Model not specified here, Just let me know in my DMs.


  • I accept USD via PayPal as a form of payment (Preferred).

  • I accept Robux as payment, via group funds, gamepass or by t-shirt payment (client must account for the 30% tax fee).

  • Prices can change beyond the listed range depending on detail, complexity and demand.

  • Low Poly/Less Detailed - 5$-10$ USD / 750-1500 R$
  • Mid Poly/Detailed - 10$-20$ USD / 1500-2500 R$


I am available at any time needed and I try to respond to DMs as soon as I can. I work on Modelling most of the time but other activities can extend how long it takes to complete an order. But I try my best to complete within the deadline (if there is any).


You can contact me on Discord (Preferred) or here at the DevForum
Discord: Amoory#9065
Twitter: @AmooryKSArab

Thanks for reading! :sunglasses:


Really cheap and high quality! Delivers exactly what you wanted! Highly suggested.

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Good models for cheap prices, recommended.

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Commissioned @omarksarab1 to model a few weapons for me. He was flexible with changes and got the product made very quickly. Would recommend

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Amazing modeler and fantastic guy. Definitely recommend

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