Amplifying CFrame rotation?

All I need to do is to amplify a CFrame’s rotation, so that, for example, if a CFrame was rotated a bit to the right and a bit up, I want to amplify it by around 5 so that the CFrame goes more to the right and a bit up again. I’ve tried just multiplying the components but that didn’t work for some reason, any ideas?

Can you reword that ? I’m not too sure I understand what your question is.

All I want to do is to amplify the CFrame rotation matrix by any given amount, 2d example:

So if its tilted and I amplify it by 5, I want it to become 5 times more tilted if that makes sense

So you want to multiply/amplify the rotation when it happens ?

If so, try using this : Instance:GetPropertyChangedSignal.
When you detect a change, multiply the rotation by the number
you want.

I also have to ask, how does your object rotate ? What causes
it to do that ?

No, I don’t want it to amplify itself whenever it changes, I’m just asking how to do the amplification itself

If you are using CFrame.Angles to rotate the CFrame, just multiply the angles by 5, or whatever scalar value you want to use?

CFrame.Angles(math.rad(10*5), 0,0)

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I have to amplify an existing CFrame, I can’t apply your method because the initial CFrame is procedurally created using lookAt

I don’t know anything about lookAt, so I can’t help you, sorry.

Don’t forget that GetPropertyChangedSignal won’t work on physics properties. So you can’t use it for cframes.

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Well what you can do is measure the previous CFrame value and the current CFrame value in a RenderStepped connection then obtain a rotation CFrame from there like I did with this gun viewmodel, then you can do all the stuff like springs or your idea of amplifying the rotation.