An Abandoned Cabin

Recently, I finished this cabin, but I felt like something was missing. I couldn’t find what I was looking for, so I hope that the developer forum can help.
-link to the nature pack I used for the trees (by @ThatDevEthan)


First of all, great work! Looks amazing! However, I do agree with you - it is nearly there, but something looks slightly off. Perhaps try increasing the thickness of the roof, as currently the roof isn’t very noticeable, and maybe even varying the colours of the logs making up the walls of the cabin, because using only one colour does make it look slightly unnatural.

Very well done though, keep it up!

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An axe. It needs an axe… No, wait. It needs a light chimney…


I would add some floorboard to the interior and some window/doorframes with broken grilles, as well as some broken shutters. You could also put some worn-down furniture inside and a path leading up to the front.

Great job!


The structure is quite simplistic, but from a view point the cabin doesn’t even look that abandoned as it doesn’t have those proper elements, it looks like it was just placed in a certain area. The build lacks a lot of details that could be added to the scene.

I think this would have a more abandoned look if you placed some foliage to your build such as grown moss on the roof, vines variation within the trees. Add objects on the ground have that abandoned touch cracked objects with it so it could stand out. I think placing some fallen parts would make it look more appealing. Perhaps add some doors shattered windows.

I would play around with placing other elements to capture a realistic approach! I’ll attach an image to give you a idea on what I mean.



Sorry i’m a bit late, but here is my revised build. I wanted to make the cabin look very old, but at the same time, make it seem like it was recently used to add to the mystery of my game.


Big improvement! You could add a tiny bit more details to the shutters, since they look kind of flat. You could add some slits like this: