An abandoned mineshaft

This took me at least 30 minutes to build and using a image to reference it

I also use the lighting to make it more realistic.

Any feedback to make it better?


Hello I like this but there are a few things that should be changed on it to make it look better.
The things are listed below:

  • The trees look less realistic because they are blurry and look like they are leading up towards the building

  • The entrance to me look not realistic because it is not what a mine shaft entrance would look like.

Hope this helps you improve.

The build itself looks great, but from my point of view the mineshaft doesn’t look that abandoned it looks like it was just placed in a random area. The build lacks a lot of detail.

I think this would look more abandoned if you added foliage to your scene such as grass, rocks, vines, trees. Add parts on the ground depending on how long it’s been there you could also add rusted objects with it so it could stand out more. I think adding a fallen parts would make it look better. With some cracked pieces throughout the building as well in it as well You should make parts of the station fall apart and it’d be even better!

Overall lastly, I would suggest you add trees that went through the building maybe add rusted parts or cracked windows just to make it look more realistic. I would play around with the lighting a bit more to capture a realistic approach!

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