An admin system that is 90% made by AI

Hello, everyone. Today I am presenting what I’ve accomplished within the past hour, an admin system made by AI, or more specifically, Roblox’s scripting AI.

This system features a customizable prefix, a simple admin table consisting of UserIDs, and a customizable split prefix. It also contains a commands module that contains commands the admin system can use (some of them are not finished).

The AI even suggested some commands, such as the ‘roblox’ and ‘unroblox’ commands, to be added to the commands module.

Anyways, here’s the system (as a place file):
AIAdminSystem.rbxl (45.4 KB)

How to create a command:

  • Place a comment two lines below ‘return commands’ in the commands module.

  • The comment should contain the name of the command and a brief (or long) description of what it should do.

  • Wait for the AI to create the command.

  • The command is now created!

Sometimes, the command won’t be finished. You can either edit the prompt, finish it manually, or write “continue the script” in a comment. Making several utility functions helps the AI do its job better and create more lines. If you’re lucky, it will create multiple commands at once for you. It has the ability to use the commands above as examples for future commands.

If you’re trying to make a ‘fly’ command or something that involves a local script (or another script), you must create that script somewhere else and then say in the comment where it is located.

Relevant discussion topic:

This is probably one of the most basic admin systems ever made. I strongly encourage you to add new commands to it.


This is interesting, but you should probably mark this as a PoC rather than something that should be used in production. Also, could you upload the source to a Gist?

I currently do not have a GitHub account, but I’m planning to in the future when more content is added.

What exactly is a PoC?

Proof of Concept. In this scenario, just making a point that the beta Generative AI is capable of producing a product like this, but as it’s in beta, it’s still prone to making a mistake.

Yes, that is true. I suggest all users who want a more advanced admin system use one of my other products like BaseAdmin or a well-trusted admin system for production.

However, this model has been fully tested and reviewed. If it were to be more advanced, this point would have more emphasis.

For an admin system, it isn’t very good. But being made by an in-beta AI that supposedly runs on GPT-2, it’s impressive. I would’ve changed a few things like making it modularized and improving the efficiency, but this is cool.

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More commands added, including a working commands list!

Let us see what the AI calls the admin system:

Not very unique, but it does work fine. The admin system is now called “AdminSystem”.

Here’s the ugly but usable commands list:

Here’s the updated place file:
AIAdminSystem.rbxl (65.9 KB)

One of the best features introduced in this update are the ‘;ban’ and ‘;unban’ commands, which make this admin system suitable for all games. However, they are untested and there’s no proof of them working (I develop this in a local place file).

Update for AdminSystem:

  • ignite command
  • numcommands command
  • clone command
  • fps command
  • ping command

31 → 36 (+5)

Updated place file:
AIAdminSystem.rbxl (67.3 KB)

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