An advanced scripting support channel for regular users

As it currently stands, all scripting questions go into one channel, namely #help-and-feedback:scripting-support, and those questions can range from “How do I change a parts colour according to the time of day?” to “How do I make a composite Bezier curve animation?”.

Sometimes a more complex question is asked, but will be buried under a heap of less complex questions and go unanswered. My suggestion is to add an advanced scripting support channel which only regular users can create topics.

I think it should be limited to regular users, simply because of the state of #development-discussion as twinqle pointed out:

That is of course, when there is a way for users to become regulars again.


No, the DevForum community can barely use a development discussion channel properly. How do you expect them to be able to determine the level of complexity of their questions?


I remember a similar suggestion being made here about 2 years ago? One of the few reasons that it didn’t happen is because it is nearly impossible to objectively say what is how hard to implement as for some people something that is a piece of cake, can be incredibly hard for another group. Who and how many people would write up the guidelines? Who would enforce and make any appropriate changes to it if needed? Does the amount of questions about one thing skew the difficulty level?


I forget developer discussion existed, because I ended up muting it, which makes me feel you’re probably right. I forget how other people use this platform compared to how I use it.
Maybe just a new category instead called advanced which only regular uses can create new topics in? Just a thought

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That sounds great. If only it was possible to become Regular.


This is a bad idea, being a regular on the DevForum does not necessarily mean you are an advanced scripter and vice-versa. I feel like such a category would just become a place for regulars to get ‘priority’ scripting-help over other users. Also, in my opinion, nothing new should be restricted to regulars as that rank is unobtainable. Also, suggesting to make it regular once regular becomes obtainable again, means that until regular becomes obtainable (which it hasn’t been for 2 years) you’ll have a ton of low-quality posts there.

Adding this category would probably also prompt other developers to ask for it in other development-areas, people will probably want an advanced-building-support category and advanced-art-design support category. And no offence, but I don’t think having 10 help and support categories that all have a very similar purpose helps anyone.


Agreed. I would like an advanced section just as a member.

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Course the regular would suggest this. Being a regular has literally nothing to do with skill level at all. Being a regular just means you were around for long enough in the olden days.

I joined about a year before promotions got paused afaik, so I didn’t make the promotion before they got permanently removed. That account got deleted since it was no longer a good use of my time. This account does not post resources anymore, except for when I’m feeling especially generous.


If you looked at my post you would see:

Also, I marked this as solved. It doesn’t need further discussion. Personally I believe it should be members but take a look at #development-discussion and how that goes.

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Usually the mods will close the thread for you if you flag it for attention and say you want to close it.

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Can you explain what you mean by saying this?

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They mean that many people misuse the category and rather than keep to development related questions, people rant about different decisions that Roblox makes that they don’t like.

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And its also littraly impossible to post in #development-discussion even though your post fits in #development-discussion. Everything I post and try to get a good discussion going gets removed for “incorrect use of #development-discussion.” im not sure if the mods even look at the topic

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Well… sounds like your posts don’t really follow the guidelines of the category…