An Easy Fix For Roblox Scam Bots That Roblox Has Somehow Never Thought Of


Roblox group walls are known to be riddled with scam bots and links to malicious games (Such as the one pictured.)

Roblox has the option to disable the group wall, but this makes it so it’s hard to get feedback from players who can’t give feedback via off-site websites.

My solution is Roblox adds a “disable links” on the group wall. This would eliminate any links to malicious games and would decrease the amount of scams on group walls in general.

they can do the same as they do whit scam links and put emojis or whatnot in them.
they could make It so you cant click on the link but people can still copy and paste it.

It would be a short-term solution and would at least do something to combat the problem.

I would like it if they could add a way to ban players from the group
or make it so only premium users can comment. (like a role perm type thing, somewhat the same as a premium only perk)