An economy based problem of a Simulator Game That many seek answer

Here is a tough one for you all:
Assume I have these results of a test run from a simulator game:

5 Minutes To unlock next area from Level 1 And purchase all items (Finished with Level 6)

___Product Costs___
Sword1 = 0
Sword2 = 80
Sword3 = 375

Backpack1 = 250
Backpack2 = 625

Next Level = 1250

___Product Values___(D = Damage, SR = Slice Rate, C = Capacity)
Sword1 = D:1, SR:0.7
Sword2(Dagger) = D:1, SR:0.3
Sword3 = D:2, SR:0.25

Backpack1 = C:50
Backpack2 = C:75

___Slicables Values____(MC = Max Cuts)
Easy = MC:16
Medium = MC:53
Hard = MC:160

Unlock Next Area: Level Required = 5

In this game you basically have a sword and a backpack and spam click on “objects” to slice them until their HP is empty (Max Cuts). They explode and you gain their parts in your backpack. Depending on the slices made, you get that much parts on your backpack. A damage of a sword means how many cut points it will remove from HP of the object.

All these values made me in game take 5 minutes to buy all the products needed of that map and unlock the next map. Now, Say i want the next map to take 6 minutes, so i give the system 6 minutes and All the Product values manually. How would i calculate or what would the formula be to auto generate the prices of the products and the price to Unlock Next Area with the given values (Also Not sure if Slicable Values should be auto generated too or i should give them manually)? I was trying to answer that question but I honestly dont even know if i have enough variables for this to be answerred…Any thoughts?