An effect similar to stereoscopic 3d effect/chromatic aberration/anaglyph

Hello, recently I was trying to find ways to create the visual effects listed in the title, inside a roblox game, however after some searching I discovered that apparently there is no straightforward way to implement them as conventional screen filters. It appears that most people try to simulate those visuals by using viewports, but after attempting to do so myself ,I concluded that aproaching the effect with viewports was not that ideal due to the current limitations that viewports have. So after some scripting I managed to recreate an illusion that I consider to be relatively similar to the anaglyph effect.
Here are pictures of some of the results;

Note: The last picture is not a model that I have made, just a random free model I found in the toolbox. The last picture is just to show how with the right setting the scripts can work on complex models too.

The scripts that I made let me create a clone of a mesh, part or a union that is either outside or inside a model. The scripts constantly change the position of the clone so that it would be behind the original regardless of the player’s viewpoint . They also let me make precise adjustments to the directions of the clone’s displacement relatively to the original, as well as how far back it is (relatively to the target)-. I am also able to change the transparency, material and color of the clone.

Here is a free model containing the scripts along with instructions on how to use them:

Please note that due to how long it took to make those scripts, currently I have no intention of ever making changes to them.
However feel free to use the scripts inside your own games.

Also in case you might preferer the viewport frame approach that I spoke of earlier.
Here is a link to my other post about it containing another free model with the scripts:


Quick, edit:
Recently I have just tried out the scipts from the free model inside a freshly made Place, and it appears that for some strange reason some of them are only able to run if they are placed in the StarterPack, so in case any of them do not function even after being activated please try placing them in the StarterPack.
Also another note regarding the displacement controls:
Please ignore the notes that begin with – after the “local DisplacementUp =” and the “local DisplacementDown” since I forgot to swap them, the actual direction that the setting is using is the one contained in the name of the local variable.
Last note:
If you wish to use the effect on your character, the easiest way to do so is by copying the name of your characters model while in game, and then pasting it into the list of targets

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