An Electrical Building In Antarctica

snow meshes aren’t mine but everything else was done by me!!



This really makes my feeling of how I can build plummet LOL.


the snow and building look amazing but i think there should be more lights around

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Awesome! :clap:

9/10 Looks really clean and realistic, great job.:+1:t2:

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Did you manually build the curved cylinder rails with parts or did you use meshes?

Maybe you can add a small garage for snow vehicles?

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You’ve done so well you’ve made the dummy look out of place! Also, that part in the bottom left looks suspicious :face_with_monocle:

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Epic Build, Good job, Keep up the good work!

This is definitely showcase material. I’m impressed with the work so far, and hope to see more of it. If you hope to continue working on it, make sure to add some scenery (more so hills because I don’t think you can expect anything in Antarctica besides the ice)!

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I did use CylinderParts for the railings. I used Archmides to do the curved area part.

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Although it isn’t the most friendly, if you unioned the curved parts and set the smoothing angle to like, 90 or 100, it’ll look smooth and not blocky. That is I’m assuming that u didn’t do that, I can’t see the picture really well on mobile

really good! looks like something I would see in subnoutica below zero great job

That is a really nice build! It looks extremely realistic, with great lighting, modeling! 11/10!

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Nice work.

I’m really happy that you pointed out what was and wasn’t done by you. Props to you for that.

It looks really nice, although I would like to see it from all angles just to give you better feedback.
For now, I really like it!! If I were in a need of a builder, you would probably be a solid pick for me.

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