An Escape Room game (it's a DevLog I guess)

Hello :vulcan_salute:,

I recently started thinking about developing a game on Roblox again :smiling_face_with_tear: and came up with quite an original idea (I assume :sweat_smile:) to make an escape room type of game.

So far I have created a few basic puzzle type of thingies.

Keep in mind that these objects are temporary and I will replace them once I believe the game has enough potential. Maybe never :kissing_heart:

I was wondering if I should add anything else to the game (apart from design and making the rooms :upside_down_face:).
Some new puzzle ideas maybe?

If you want I’ll leave a summary of what I have done so far in terms of mechanics below.


At the beginning I began by creating the main GUIs and a few LocalScripts to go with them. Basically I had the game working from day 1, but then I figured that the main game needs to run on the server. Stupid me though it wasn’t. So I started thinking.

Here are the basics of the game:

  • EVERYTHING can be locked :lock: . This ensures that the player has to waste more time finding keys for stuff :sunglasses:.
  • Everything needs to be modular (I want to make a system where players can build their own rooms). So I created these attributes for the puzzles:

Now here are the basics of puzzles. They are really basic I have to tell you that. Just warning you about how basic the basics of basic puzzles are.

Basics of basic puzzles:

  • KEYPAD: Requires power :zap:, can be locked :lock:, requires alphanumeric code (whatever that is :man_shrugging:)
  • BOOK: Can be read :open_book:, contents can be encrypted :lock:
  • KEY: Can be carried by 1 player :person_curly_hair:, can not be locked :face_with_open_eyes_and_hand_over_mouth:, can open locks :unlock:
  • POWER BOX: Can give power :zap:, can be locked :lock:
  • DOOR: It’s a door :woman_shrugging:
  • FINISH: It may be possible to Finnish :finland: the game using this one

Now, I have also so written some code, that finds all the puzzles from a folder in workspace called “The basics of my code” and takes the children as possible victims of a math test. :star_struck:

Don’t click this :cry:


I’m definitely looking forward to playing this when/if it gets released! :slightly_smiling_face:

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Thanks :face_holding_back_tears:, this means the Moon :new_moon: to me!

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Hello! I have not seen much escape room games! I think it would be a good idea to give it a horror type theme!

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Well I gave it some thought :thinking: and I will remember to make some spooky :ghost: levels as the game progresses more. It’s a great idea :star2: . Thanks!

Thanks! Another item you could use are candles so the player can have light! (I would try not to do flashlights since they are overly used, but it’s your choice!

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Candles :candle: it is. Thanks again :sweat_smile:.

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