An exploiter can change its position via local scripts?

I used to have a game in which when the player character was loaded, a local script detected it and changed its position after a few seconds and it worked. but in my current game there is nothing of that theme I have almost no local scripts but in the same way I don’t know if an exploiter could modify a local script at its pleasure to change its position. in case you can. could you give some solutions?

Yes, exploiters have the ability to change everything (pretty much) that is client-sided. Whether it be GUI, humanoid states, HumanoidRootPart positions, they can change it all!
This is exactly why you should always trust the server, never trust the client

There are multiple ways to counter exploiters, but I assume you want one that prevents them from flying and moving around. I won’t just give you the anti-fly script (totally not because I can’t be bothered), but essentially here’s what you do:

  1. Every frame (using a RenderStepped connection) measure their velocity.
  2. If their velocity exceeds a certain amount, it means they are flying or moving quickly or something (make sure not to trigger this when you teleport the player or if they get flung!)
  3. kick the player!
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