An infinite yield occurred on a npc acceleration script (you can also say a pathfind script, but there is another one.)

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    I want to fix a infinite yield glitch that occurred on my npc’s pathfind’s

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So basically, when you join to the game, the npc tracks you and he kills you and everything is going perfect until you respawn, that is where our infinite yield occurs, and what it does is that ones you respawn, as I stated before, the npc lost your track and does not has an specific amount of time to find once again the children, so it can take 30 seconds to find you, 50 seconds, 2 seconds, 600 seconds, well you get the idea. And once it finds you again, and it kills you, it regenerate that infinite yield, and it can take and infinite amount of time, or unknown amount of time to find you once again.

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What I have tried before is to put an amount of time to the scrip, what I am meaning is take off the infinite yield with a time limit, that way there is no infinite yield, but once I do it, the scriot is still working the same, (Thing that I am going to show later) and again; any script I try to do does not work, does not fix it, and just does nothing besides move things I shouldn’t move. So I am wondering what I have to do.

-- This is an example Lua code block

local hum = script.Parent:WaitForChild(‘Humanoid’)
local hrp = script.Parent:WaitForChild(‘HumanoidRootPart’)
local preVel = nil

if preVel ~= nil then
if math.acos(hrp.Velocity:Dot(preVel)/(hrp.Velocity.Magnitude * preVel.Magnitude)) == math.acos(hrp.Velocity:Dot(preVel)/(hrp.Velocity.Magnitude * preVel.Magnitude)) then
if math.acos(hrp.Velocity:Dot(preVel)/(hrp.Velocity.Magnitude * preVel.Magnitude)) >= math.rad(30) then
hum.WalkSpeed = 24/(math.acos(hrp.Velocity:Dot(preVel)/(hrp.Velocity.Magnitude * preVel.Magnitude))+1)
hum.WalkSpeed = 24
preVel = hrp.Velocity

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Here is a video:
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Video is broken