An introduction to working at BlueLine Resort

Welcome to your new position at BlueLine Resorts, and congratulations on passing your Application! This guide will explain how to do your job, as we no longer require Trainings.

What to wear on the job

We currently don’t have uniform requirements. We do, however, ask that you wear an appropriate outfit. Examples of what not to wear include:

  • Outfits with clothing that blends in or is not visible
  • Outfits with inappropriate images

How to address customers

We ask that you address all customers with they/them pronouns, unless they request otherwise.

An example of a greeting is as followed, though you can customize it as much as you’d like:

Hi! Welcome to BlueLine Resort. :beach_umbrella: How can I assist you on this amazing day?

If you are a Senior Staff or above, you can perform both the Receptionist or Cafe Worker position. If you are not, you can only perform the role that you applied for.

How to work the Receptionist job

  • Jump behind the counter, and go to an open line.
  • Click on the computer screen. You’ll be given a quick tutorial.
  • Once you get your first customer, share your greeting.
  • To check customers in, click the first Checkmark icon. Enter the customer’s username and room type. You can only check people in to Premium Suites and Penthouses if they own the gamepass.
  • To check customers out, click the third icon. Enter the customer’s username, then confirm.

How to work the Cafe Worker job

  • Jump behind the counter, and go to an open computer.
  • Once you get your first customer, share your greeting.
  • There’s many machines with different purposes. Find the right machine, then select the customer’s customization. It only takes a few clicks.
  • Go back to the customer, then hold out an item the customer ordered.
  • Press h on your keyboard, or on mobile, the handto button on the top of your screen.
  • Once the handto menu is on your screen, enter the customer’s username. Repeat for each item.