An Okay showcase

I put a bunch of roblox free models together for some building practice. How does it look?

I do not like it. There are only free models and almost nothing built by you.


It was just for practice laying out some stuff, thx for criticism tho

It’s too empty. Almost nothing.

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here are some of my other games:

It’s far below average. I wouldn’t even call it okay. The lighting is awful, it’s empty, there’s literally a gaping void, grass kills you and is floating under the map. Sorry if it’s harsh, it’s the truth.


I don’t know how you can practice while using Free models. Is not easy to build but you have to do it. a thing you can do is Recreate free models to see how they are built.


I agree, how about my other games?

Basically same with the other games.


Oh, okay. Could you give me some pointers and tips?

You should use smaller move sizes, add more detail, your shapes are too basic, and you need to learn how to align things to the floor. Look up reference images if you need help for an empty build. Future lighting can be laggy, but looks nice.


Okay thanks for the suggestions!