An old game I made

Back in the beginning of 2021, I just got into Roblox developing. The first game I made was this : What Lives Below - Roblox . Its an unfinished project, using some free models as I didn’t really know how to make good models. I did essentially all of the programming however. I made it using another account that I used to build on. Its about 5 min experience if you guys want to check it out and give me some feedback. Its a puzzle mystery type thing

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it was surprisingly fun!


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that was one of the free models, also it didn’t really have a speed cap when you go backwards, so it kind of flings off the map

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Looks pretty cool

If there is no use for the jump button, could you remove it?

Am I ssupposed to see that? Wow

Suggestion, make some badges

Back then I didn’t know how to remove the jump while still being able to exit the boat, also that was gonna be the monster that chased you in the game but I never got around to doing it

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