An old-school concept with a new take

Hello! I would like to share a project I have been working on for the past while. With this project, I aim to capitalize on the trending old-school niche and make it into something fresh. This is a medieval team-based King of the Hill game that will contain aspects of how Roblox used to be with some modernized accents like the animations, models, functionality, etc. My plan is to make the gameplay similar to that of Armored Patrol by Wingman8, in which the player will choose a team, spawn in, and fight until one team has secured enough points to win. It’s simplistic and hopefully enticing enough to bring in new and old players alike. I have composed a small series of videos to showcase my progression involving the team selectors, team classes, animations, and remastered characters. Please tell me what you think so far. Any criticism is welcome.


Nice game! Good job on it so far!

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This seems like a really cool idea! However, please don’t go for a “retro” vibe, I feel like far too many games go for this style, and it ruins the smoothness. I don’t know the word for it, but it doesn’t fit in a combat game.


Give the dynamite guy a hat as well. Otherwise seems pretty neat. The attack animations for the melee weapons do make you look like you’re lagging though.

Those sounds bring back fond memories of my early 2012 days on roblox, this is something Id probably play, I used to like playing Armoured Patrol back when it was around.
Not only that but lately ive been missing some of the old roblox games I used to play, back then things were simple and there wasn’t a while butch of similar things

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I was thinking about it in the back of my mind while making this. But I’m wondering how I’d change things up at this point to fit a different niche that may not be as popular due to certain aspects.

Right. How should I change up the animations to make them appear less “laggy” though?

It’s nice to hear. As I mentioned in the original post, I intend to target the old-school niche with features that an older version of Roblox would have, such as the sounds you mentioned, while also complementing it with modern aspects to add a sense of “re-vitalization” to the game.

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Well the animation holds the character in place with their weapon extended out, even if you move around. You just have to make the animation end sooner.

Got it, I’ll do that. (filler)

what i mean is: the characters look great and can look classic which is fine, but im saying dont just spam the stud texture everywhere and use the outdated freemodel weapons which roblox made like the classic sword and revolver, instead make your own.

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Now I see what you mean. Gotta make it fresh.

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