An Original ROBLOX Scary Game

I thought I’d be fun to make a game with the RBXDev community. I happen to love scary games, but am quite disappointed with all the FNAF clones on ROBLOX.

I wanted to see if anyone wanted to help. Honestly I wasn’t planning on making any money with this, I just want to show what the best of ROBLOX talent can do. Anyone want to help?

If we can rule out the usage of ghosts, spirits, pentagrams, satanic worshiping and demonic possessing, then yeah I’ll be interested.

It’s kind of hard for an online multiplayer game to be the least bit scary. Most of them have repeated rounds and such so they get kinda boring after a while. The occasional jumpscare doesn’t quite cut it.
Games like Dead Space, Silent Hill, and other older purely offline and singleplayer games have such an advantage over online stuff these days when it comes to a good horror title.
First off, you’re alone. Nobody to help you out or keep you company. If there’s no NPCs around or other players, that rattle you just heard around the corner should be something to worry about. Dead Space hit that one home a lot.
Secondly, singleplayer games actually have [size=1]good[/size] story to them. A good horror game should leave you feeling helpless, like there’s no real way to win this game as far as the story goes. Even if you’re pretty sure you’re gonna die at the end, it keeps you on the edge of your seat. Multiplayer games just can’t do this. Either because it’s round-based, everybody always talks about that sooper spooky boss at the end, YouTubers, or it’s literally in the patch notes at the game launcher.
While stuff like Killing Floor is super fun, it’s not really played for its horror aspect. It’s played cause it’s fun. Games like Silent Hill and Resident Evil have both of these.

And as far as Roblox goes, the aesthetic of it is no where near fit for a horror game. A few impressive games out there do a very nice job at creating a tense atmosphere, but there’s pretty rare in my opinion.

[size=2]Sorry for blabbering[/size][size=1] I’ll go now.[/size]

I was planning on having it Single Player, and also with a rich storyline. Sadly if no one is interested I guess the idea will die until another day.

This has been done a lot in the past

Also I feel like instead of rich story, seek a new and original mechanic first.
An “original story” might still end up with that typical “hold lantern in darkness, walk through old abandoned buildings, pick up notes” presentation.

It’s a good idea, but after creating a single player game, I’ve found that most players prefer to play something with their friends instead of alone.

The problem with scary singleplayer games is that people get interested in the concept, then go to play. Then (since they’re alone rather than having backup and somebody to talk to) the feels become too much and they leave (too scary!)

I love making horror games and despite never FINISHING one (:() I have gotten really skilled at atmosphere and gameplay.
I’d love to help if you’d let me

[strike]I’v been wanting make a horror game as well, though I haven’t thought about a story line, mechanics, or even a theme yet. I’m going to start brain storming things for a horror game and if you want to team up please message me. I’d say I’m at least good at programing now that I’v spent countless hours doing it and I’m also pretty creative. :wink:

I’d like working on something I enjoy instead of trying to get money for a change.[/strike]

Nevermind, school only gives me time to work on one project at a time and I’v got one I’m working on for now.

I’ve made quite a few single players, and yes from what I do know most people want to play with other people at the same time, so it won’t be as scary.

My theory is, if we let it be multiplayer, but somehow manage to make the companions disappear (without communication), that would only increase the fear more than being alone in the first place.

That is what I was thinking TigerCaptain!

I’d really love to play a game that really scares me on ROBLOX.

Maybe… just maybe I’ll have something ready for next Halloween. I have… plans.

My current thoughts on dealing with multiplayer is to use a Disneyland style foyer to limit [strike]victims[/strike] guests to groups of 6 or so.

  1. Open the door to the foyer, let in 6 people, close the door.
  2. Foyer does an intro.
  3. Open the door to room 2.
  4. Close room 2 door. Do the room 2 thing. The foyer resets.
  5. Open the door to room 3 and the door to the foyer.
  6. Close room 3 and foyer doors. Room 3 does it’s thing, the foyer does the intro, room 2 resets
  7. and so on

The foyer might actually teleport people to a different Place, I haven’t decided yet. Anyone who doesn’t move into the next room when the lights go out in the current one…


they don’t make it.

You should watch “Parallels”, a movie that came out earlier this year.
Without spoiling much:
There’s a building, and every idk hours (I forgot) the building “teleports” to an alternate universe.

I thought about doing something similar in roblox, but then with an elevator that goes to new floors.
They would be randomly generated and have certain stuff other floors haven’t.
You can be scared and stay in the elevator for the whole time (which isn’t necessary 100% safe) or
explore the current floor, looting stuff, maybe even craft new stuff, fight the locals (if any), …

It would be a nice game on its own, yet also be in the right genre for halloween.

[size=1]Let’s say I copyrighted this idea[/size]

[quote] You should watch “Parallels”, a movie that came out earlier this year.
Without spoiling much:

You should probably put that in a spoiler tag.

[quote] You should watch “Parallels”, a movie that came out earlier this year.
Without spoiling much:

You should probably put that in a spoiler tag.[/quote]

Even the trailer tells more than what I told.

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