An unknown error involving in-game settings reset

So recently whenever I try to join the game, there’s chance of this unknown error happening after around a minute:
then nothing happens, and if I join the game after this, all my in-game settings are reset. such as graphic quality, shift lock. etc, It just resets everything. since the error message doesn’t make any sense I don’t have any idea on why is this happening. also tried googling on this but there were nothing about this for me, if anyone knows about this, please let me know.

reason can be in non-english username in your OS, try to rename it using english letters

The user folder will still use the non latin characters for the account after renaming bruh

reinstall os with english user username then i think, or create new one since this is only method to solve this

Just create a new user account with different name, why waste 2 hours and higher to reinstall everything

for me, reinstalling windows 10 requires ~15 minutes (7200 rpm HDD drive)

bro I don’t think the error is even a language

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Thanks to everyone for replying, The issue were solved for me unknowingly after some time.

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