An unofficial guide to the Public Recruitment section of DevForum

Hello Developers! :wave:

As more new members migrate into the Developer Forums, two of the things many of us do here include looking for assistance with our projects and putting out our projects and portfolios into the development climate. Many more users are starting to become interested in development, or are more familiar as to where developers can be found.

This shouldn’t be unexpected, as Roblox has hit 1 BILLION players although many have been terminated and gone inactive over the years and development becomes more accessible with many more user tutorials and development communities, such as Hidden Developers, who boast 10,000 users on their Discord.

One of the most populous categories here is the Public Recruitment section, and I’m all sure you know how it functions. In case if you’re a newcomer into the Forum and you’ve just been incepted here, I’m going to go through a guide as to how you can make a great impression.

Again, this is only a guide and shouldn’t be used religiously. This is only from my past experiences and I’m putting forward the knowledge I’ve gathered here looking in that section almost every day. I have also picked up how @LuckyTux likes to use a lot of memes during his guides, and so I’ll be doing that to make myself look as professional as him.

You should probably use this more religiously instead:


Enough of an introduction, I’m going to be breaking this down into two categories in a three part guide, this is already the first part if you haven’t gathered.

Guide Parts

  • Introduction (this part you’re reading right now)
  • Public Recruitment Section (the part where you recruit people)
  • Public Portfolios Section (the part where you post your work)

Without much further ado, let’s move on with the guide, although we’re all developers and probably just stay at our PC’s all days working on random roblocks stuff lmao

Public Recruitment Section

This part of the forum is where you can create hiring posts in order to hire people.
You see how I’ve highlighted hiring in bold, because you don’t show your work here, you hire people here. In fact, I’m going to keep doing this to make sure you all remember.

You can basically hire people for anything, for your development studios, groups, clans and guilds, whatever it is! I’ve even seen people hiring testers and moderators.

This is all cool, but are there people I can’t hire here though?

Well, in fact, the answer is yes!
These are the people you shouldn’t hire on the Forums

  • Members for your group (unless for development reasons)
  • People to join your discord server (unless if you want a moderator, maybe)
  • A ventriloquist, astronaut, bin-man and our favourite CEO, David!!

Our CEO doing a T-Pose as shown here! :heart:

Structure Formatting?

Now you know who you can hire, pretty much everyone of any development profession to work on your game, is there a certain way to structure your post?

Well, pretty much yes, and most people will ask you serious questions if you miss out any of these details. Your posts should probably flow like this…

  • Introduction (who are you, what do you do, how do you contribute)
  • Position Required (builder, scripter, UI designer, etc.)
  • Details (what do you require from this individual)
  • Payment (how much do you plan to pay, a reasonable fee of USD or Robux or a %)
  • Contact Info (discord, twitter, any other platforms)

When writing your post, use as much detail as possible and make sure that your payment is fair and fits the offer you are proposing. If I want to hire a Builder to make a big low-poly city for a simulator in around a month or so, I might need to pay out 50,000+ in Robux. Your payment will obviously be different if you want some chest models made in Blender for that same simulator.

REMEMBER! :thinking:

The current DevEx rate is $3.50 per 1000 Robux, you should pay people by this equivalent ideally should you pay within USD.

Any General Rules?

There are a few, which are pretty basic for the forums, but I’m going to list them anyways in case if you haven’t bothered to read all of the guidelines, which I won’t blame you for because I didn’t when I joined, and still haven’t. I put my hands out admittedly to that! :raised_hands:

  • Reply to people asking about payment, or any aspect, with respect and give them as much detail within your response so that they don’t need to re-elaborate.

  • Make sure you understand your replies, don’t miss the point.

  • Make any adjustments you need to your post, if you don’t explain well enough and it has been pointed out by someone, it’s for the better and will only do good.

  • Make sure your payment is fair on your posts or experience a lot of replies and no interest.

  • Don’t bump up other people’s threads with useless negative replies. You can message people privately if you want to send them hate for no reason, which is probably against the rules. Of course, I wouldn’t know! :angry: :love_letter:


Public Portfolios Section

Basically, if you want to get yourself hired but don’t want to spread yourself all over the recruitment section like a dove spreads its wings, then making an established portfolio is the way to go. Of course, you will need some work at first!

A portfolio is basically something you can give to a user interested in hiring you as proof of previous work and examples.

What can I show off?
You can show off your development work, including stuff you’ve done in Blender.
You can also make portfolios for stuff such as composing and localization.

This is stuff you probably shouldn’t post as a portfolio.

  • Your experience within groups as a leader or whatever, you can make a Google Doc.
  • Any work you scraped together within about 5 minutes, it’s gotta be good! :sunglasses:
  • Your epic Minecraft dirt house. (It’s probably not that impressive)

On second reflection, it doesn’t look that bad with those torches on the outside.

Structure Formatting

You should probably format your portfolio something similarly to this, as it will flow nicely and look impressive to any people wanting to hire you, and of course get you tons of likes! The more likes you have on a Portfolio, the better reflection on your work and the higher up it is on the searches. Mine is up around the 20th range.

  • Introduction (experience, age, timezone, how long you’ve worked for)
  • Examples (post photos and stuff, some links too, but most prefer more photos)
  • Pricing (how much are your builds, give a range, including Robux and/or USD)
  • Availability (hours, do you have any activities that you do or school that prevents it?)
  • Contact Info (Twitter Discord)

Make sure that only your best work goes into the portfolio!
Otherwise, you will probably have little interest, my first portfolio did terribly because of this!
Also, don’t drag on your portfolio too much, make it short and snappy!
Also make sure to hide sections of it like this…

Open for a surprise!

Peekabo! :bird:

REMEMBER! :thinking:

Why not get some of your friends to write positive comments and get them to vouch for you, or previous people that you have worked for? This does happen naturally but it can get more interest in your work! :fireworks:

Any General Rules?

There aren’t as many this time, but there are definitely a few!

  • Make sure all of your work is your own, people will point out easily if they see stolen work or free models. If you need to, place a disclaimer stating that none of your work is stolen.

  • Reply to people nicely on your portfolio, it also represents you as a person!

  • Update it reguarlly to reflect you better, also make sure to update any outdated information.

  • Make one large Portfolio if you provide more than one service. (E.g. Building and UI)

  • Only upload the best stuff, and respond to any criticisms to make your work even better.

Thank you!

Thank you for reading my guide. I hope that it has helped you get familiar with this side of the forum more, all of the info is from my experience!

I will leave down my previous posts as an example structure for your own posts, also I will be responding to all questions you have about this guide!



Anyways, I’m signing out, enjoy your time on the DevForums!


This is a very well-made guide! (very nice Minecraft house, my dream house)
If our don’t mind me asking, how long did this take to make?

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This took me around an hour or less in total, mainly because I’m a fast typer and well adjusted to the different ways in which text can be used.

I definitely recommend you make a guide about a topic should you feel like it, I’m also glad that you enjoyed the picture of the Minecraft house. :wink:

It is so good that it was a pleasure to read it! This is a great tutorial with some nice hilarious points. Keep it up, I really like it!

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Thank you for your positive response!

I’m glad that the humour went down well, I was scared if people wouldn’t find it funny.
Maybe I’ll write another guide in the future then?

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You know, you and @LuckyTux would make a great duo.

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Uhhhh :uhh:

Thats for me to decide


I know, just saying, you both use memes, memes connect people, family, the world, robloxians


I kinda used more Gifs instead of memes really.
Lucky definitely spends more time on making his stuff unIQUE! :ok_hand:


Would hiring a financial advisor and marketing agent in this forum be appropriate ?

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Both of those things would be appropriate, as the person being hired has an impact on a project or development of a project.

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