An update on Future Is Bright


One feature at a time, I’m sure we’ll get it eventually.

In the meantime, I’m just here for platform stand. I’ve been waiting for this since 08.


It’s a no for this year, but I’m hoping that it’s a yes for next year.


Could we at least get bumps or normals for MeshParts for now?

Or will that come with the custom material? :stuck_out_tongue:


I have another bug to report. This orange thing is using a PointLight

but sometime when I move around this object the light become wierd and I get lag spike.

I got a i7-8700K
RX 580 nitro+
16 Gb of ram
And I’m using Vulkan graphics on Roblox if that can help you fix this issue.


Extreme Bug Report

If you have a union part, and a point light, the point light appears to multiply itself a million times over, causing immense frame drops.

Deleting the pointlight doesn’t make it disappear on the Union, either.


On a less serious note, I love seeing a “Cast Shadows” option for the parts, and I hope it stays, as it’d be good to prevent gun models in the camera from casting shadows, or far away parts from doing the same. :slight_smile:


Great to hear you guys are working on this! I love the new lighting system, and the fog looks absolutely stunning! Keep up the good work, can’t wait!


PLEASE! (But I’d like to see bumps, normal, ambient occlusion, and specular all managed sorta like decals only they impact the part a different way) Maybe there could be a way to make custom maps materials also but I really wanna see this implemented.


Bit of a strange bug in the v14 release, to do with the sun and ray effect.


I don’t think this has been said yet, but glass parts with a transparency of 0 (completely opaque) becomes some sort of vantablack material. From 0 to 0.5 transparency, it transitions from black to its actual color. Past 0.5 transparency it behaves as expected:


This is a red glass part. From left to right, 0, 0.25, 0.5, and 0.75 transparency.


Will Beams cast shadows as well in the future? :open_mouth:
Would be great to see some cloud shadows on the floor for example :smiley:


So hopefully this thread is still checked. Not seeing recent activity.
I finally decided to dive into Future is Bright considering it’s on version 14 and feeling more and more final. This is really nice, truly game changing for Roblox. I spent a good day playing with it on some of my older projects and found two things. Not sure what’s normal or what’s known.

  1. The current Roblox lighting requires you to be very hacky with numbers, giving extreme values to get the desired lighting. Future is Bright fixes this which is great but involves digging through your project and fixing unrealistic properties.
  2. Shadows finally do something! I used to only enable this to stop some light bleeding, but the shadow property on lights is probably the coolest thing ever. I’m eager to see working headlights in Jailbreak or something similar in the game.
  3. I’ve got a couple side projects with a lot of lights going on. They have intense (5 FPS?) lag just looking around. Is this a known issue? I can send the files over to you in a DM. Sometimes it depends on where your camera is pointed randomly, and sometimes it’s the entire file. I’m on a beefier machine so I don’t think it’s related to that but who knows.
  4. The new lighting does seem to require more performance but that is expected. You get so much out of it.
  5. I wish we had better control over the color of the over-exposed light. Depending on the atmosphere of the scene, I might want a tint to the lighting. Right now the bright sunlight is always pure white. Maybe I should just use a tint effect in Lighting.

I haven’t had a chance to scroll through these posts so hopefully I’m not just reiterating what’s been said. I’ve included some screenshots from my past showcases. I’ll probably wait to do Jailbreak until the system is 99% released, mainly because of bullet point #1. The map is always changing and I’d hate to maintain two files between two builds.

Thanks so much for the great work!


@Scarious @TheGuyWithAShortName @Vedrakkerous Seems like your Battlefront game would be impacted by FiB a lot. Want to provide feedback (and post awesome screenshots)?


Oof so far it breaks all of my games visually and makes textures look like metal. :confused: Also noticed skyboxes do not glow or light up anymore like the used to which I am hoping they add into the future is bright. Going to try to play around with other settings to fix the nonskybox related stuff.


PSA: Phase 1 of the future-is-bright update is on gametest2. The shadow mapping isn’t available yet, but the new tone mapping is available. It’s an opt-in change, with a new non-scriptable property called Technology being added to the Lighting service.

Here are some difference screenshots of the tone mapping:

The update also significantly improves indoor lighting, as it does a better job at culling outdoor lighting from leaking through thin ceilings and walls.

It also adds a new property to the Lighting called ExposureCompensation. It is described as such in the Reflection Metadata:

This is likely what the future-is-bright update is going to look like on lower end devices when it fully rolls out.


That’s totally okay because this looks AWESOME! That dark room was so perfectly done, no more light bleeding FINALLY! :fire::fire::fire::fire::grinning:


Its worth noting that its still not :100:% perfect. Light will still slightly leak through walls in some cases.
It should be a lot better though.


How do we go about accessing gametest these days?


Is there the property of turning on / of shadows for parts still?

I feel like it would be really weird to see gun models that are floating in the camera have no body to them but arms and a gun.


I’m not sure if it’s intended, but the current build of the tonemapper is in general a bit oversaturated and has some contrast than what it is currently.


Should I account for this by changing my ColorCorrections once this goes live or will it be modified?



or download the studio build with Clone’e mod manager