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I was asking as all gametest links are either unresponsive or closed.


Is unresponsive for you?

Edit: It should be.


All of the gametest sites should present you with:

unless Roblox has specifically made them public for help with mass-testing a feature. There are ways to skip this lock and download the gametest builds directly though as you’ve mentioned in your previous post.


Acknowledged. I was working with outdated knowledge. My bad.


Thanks for the feedback!

  1. We expect FIB to require tuning the game content. Which is why there’ll be an enum in Lighting service, Technology. We’re shipping FIB in three stages. First stage will have Technology.Legacy (your game works as it does right now) and Technology.Voxel (improved voxel lighting). Second stage will probably introduce Technology.SomethingElse and will use highly detailed shadows for the sun on higher quality levels. Third stage will introduce shadows from other light sources and more precise lighting, either with or without a new enum value. The intention is that Technology.Voxel matches how your game will look on low-end, and on higher quality levels if technology is Technology.SomethingElse (we really need a name for this don’t we), we’ll start enabling more precise shadows etc. but hopefully without too much of a color balance change.


Technology.Legacy - default for existing places, not recommended going forward, same on all platforms & quality levels
Technology.Voxel - same on all platforms, recommended for games that want the exact same look on all devices for consistency
Technology.SomethingElse - new voxel lighting on low-end, high quality shadow map lighting on high end, games look & perform optimally depending on hardware. It’s unclear atm if we’ll have 1 or 2 enum values here.

  1. Yay :slight_smile:

  2. We still have perf work to do and would appreciate real levels that push the system to the limits. If you can PM me the level I’ll pass it off to the team.

  3. Yeah - the new lighting is going to be more GPU intensive, which is why for lower end systems on low quality levels we’ll keep the voxel fallback. We don’t plan to remove the fallback (aka to make it possible to force new high quality lighting on all quality levels) in the foreseeable future.

  4. The control over the sun light color is… lacking. We will need to address this but this is probably going to happen as part of sky update (next year), not lighting update.


“Textures look like metal” is a side effect of the fact that we haven’t tuned the default materials to the new system yet. This will happen closer to phase 3. The skybox behavior may have changed if you use bloom, you might need to adjust settings a bit. We’ll need to provide better guidance on how to adapt content…

Also worth noting is that we’ve been working outside of the prototype build branch for the last few months in preparation for the phase 1 release. We’ll need to bring all of the improvements from the shipping phase 1 back into the prototype build, which may improve behavior.


Yup - that’s correct. See my reply to @asimo3089 for the rough plan for how we will roll the entire system out.


I think we might have added this in the prototype build but it may not have been released on github yet. We should get a new build in a few weeks I think.


Are you referring to gametest2 or FIB build? The tonemapper in GT2 build is a bit different. We do expect the behavior to change from current production values - which is why the change is controlled by Lighting.Technology and is opt-in. In the future we want to give more control over the tonemapper than just exposure bias but I’m not sure when exactly that’d happen.


Will this update pave the way for a potential normal map feature some time in the future? The new lighting seems like it would look pretty good with it.


Yeah - unfortunately the idea from our initial research worked to an extent but trying to push it further to completely remove leaking introduced other artifacts. This is something we want to improve in the future (as voxel lighting system is still important to us + parts of it are still used on HQ even in phase 3) but we decided to ship phase 1 with a better-but-imperfect algorithm.


Yeah this might have been covered elsewhere. We will look into this next year although don’t expect results in the first half :slight_smile:


A few months ago, the more detailed ShadowMap mode seemed to run faster than Voxel did; Voxel seemed to cause a heavy amount of lag on a decent computer. Is this still the case, or will Lightig.SomethingElse not use ShadowMap, but a more detailed system?


You’re thinking of a different voxel system that was higher resolution than our current voxel system but had to use a lot of GPU resources. We’ve shelved this effort, Voxel now means an improved version of our current voxel lighting that should be comparable in performance to what you have today in Roblox games.


I have a suggestion on how fog works.

Instead of rendering fog in a sort of “flat” plain, maybe have it render in a circular plain. What I mean by this is when you look at the fog rendering on Roblox, you can see that it is rendered in a strait line, while other games render it all around you at the same time. If this is possible, I would love to see it in the game some time.

Keep up the good work, and please correct me for anything that I may be misunderstanding.


Really exited for the full shipment of this, can’t wait to implement it to my game!


I second this, the current fog looks pretty strange

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Would it be possible to add a “ShadowContrast” Lighting property that works like ExposureCompensation? It’d be a value that darkens all shadows in workspace.

I like to build with stark shadows in mind without creating too much contrast for everything else. Using the ColorCorrection’s contrast property changes the contrast of all colors in workspace and that doesn’t achieve the effect I want.


Something I’d like to see is a SunlightColour property in Lighting. How sunlight appears to work at the moment is it increases the brightness of whatever it hits, without affecting the colour, a bit like if you additively blend that colour with a shade of grey. I’ve noticed this leads to a ‘desaturation’ effect which can sometimes be a nuisance to work around. Being able to adjust the colour of the sunlight would help, as we could have more control over what the sunlight might look like.