An update on my typing game

I have made some updates on my typing game.
When you join you will be set to level 12 so you don’t have to do the boring & easy levels, the yellow levels tell you what each letter does.

please give me suggestions and feedback. I’m running out of things to add, hope you like it!


Interesting idea. I am also making a text-based game. I like the concept and I think it could get to learn and explore if it gets popular enough.

Thank you! Good luck on your text-based game.

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its epic if i have any ideas ill edit this and say

A typing game… interesting…

Running out of things to add? There’s so much you could do with this concept!

First, I will begin by listing some of my thoughts just playing the game as it is:

  • I found it interesting that you decided to use 3D letters instead of just using TextLabels. Perhaps that was to make it easier to know when the letters had reached the bottom of the square, so moving on;

  • While we’re on the subject of letters, I felt like the letters should have spawned above the box, outside of the player’s view; not in the box. Something about a letter just appearing, skipping a small yet important chunk of distance to the end zone, is spooky;

  • I often mistook the “0” in the game for an “O.” The “O” being capitalized only made the situation harder. After playing for a while, I noticed that the numbers were taller than the letters, but even so, I still found myself mixing up the two during levels. Perhaps you could add that diagonal line in the inside of the number zero?

  • You play dirty with those invisible letters. Not sure how I feel about those;

  • I’m actually quite glad you added a spam-punishment! Nothing to change there, really;

  • “The blue letters deal more damage.” More damage? I only have three lives per round! If this game features any amount of damage variation, you might as well add a health bar, not lives;

Now, to provide some personal suggestions on what you could add to this game:

  • I stopped playing after level 17 because the gameplay was somewhat repetitive, so I’m not sure how many letter variants you have. However, I think it would be interesting to have letters that spun around or flew side to side, making them harder to read. You could also add big letters that split into smaller letters when destroyed. These are just two ideas for the different things you could do to challenge the player;

  • I need music!

  • In-game powerups! What if there were supercharged letters that destroyed all letters of the same color / character when destroyed? Or icy letters that froze nearby letters when destroyed? (While we’re on the subject of cool effects, I would like to see the letters make at least a tiny explosion when destroyed. Watching them disappear just isn’t very satisfying.)

One final note: I would like to see a more fleshed-out UI in your next post, above all else. It feels very incomplete at the moment.

Hope this helped!

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It’s a nice game. A suggestion I have would to have different background styles and fonts the player can choose from similar to typing club. I find the bright neon letters hard to see and somewhat distracting.

Wow, thank you!

I don’t have any robux at the moment I need to wait for a few weeks for until my premium refreshes.

Thats a great idea, but I’ve only been scripting for about 3 months. I will still need to learn how to make certain effects.

The letters will be fixed!

Good idea, I’ll increase the lives/hp.

I’m terrible at UI designing, but I’ll get better!

This helped a lot!

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