An Update to the Status of NHS!

Hello NHS!
It’s me Momo6097, and it has certainly been a hot minute. You all deserve an update for those who have stayed with NHS through our inactivity. I recently put someone in charge of the school, about a month ago and I say now that it was a mistake on my part. She abused the status of our group, and was too naive to understand the damage she caused. I won’t post screenshots as to what she has said given that profanity is not allowed on this platform for good reasoning. I am sincerely sorry for putting someone in charge that did not respect or understand power; I hope you can all forgive me for this. I am actively looking for someone to take over, and if that doesn’t work out I will be looking through the developer forum for people who can construct and script a new school for us as I simply do not have that sort of time right now. I will be going into sophomore year of High School, and the courses I am taking are very rigorous. Also work has been holding the majority of my time up. I also have school, and Roblox is not ideal at this point and time. I still actively maintain the inactivity of NHS and make sure nothing happens to it while the group is at rest.
I hope this update was beneficial to you, as I know many of you are concerned about the status and future that this group bestows.
Sincerely, Momo6097


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