Analytics: Real Time Performance Monitoring and User Metrics

Happens on this game to my knowledge. Weekend peaks seems to be 2k off from expected amounts
The count seems to be incorrect on the 30 day view. When swapping to 7 days, the number is correct.

Thanks for the feedback Tyler.

Our goal is to help as many creators take actions to grow from analytics as possible.

There are some technical challenges with lowering the DAU threshold but we’re going to try to address them over the next few weeks. I’ll update this thread when it’s lowered.


500 would be a smart idea. still difficult for small devs but way easier and more efficient for development progress.

This is a move in the right direction but not very useful for tracking down server memory usage. Separate plots for GraphicsParts, GraphicsTexture, PhysicsParts, LuaHeap, etc would go a long way in helping devs optimize their games. We’re using external tools to track these things on the server and client and it’s been immensely helpful.


Thanks for the feedback. This is just step 1 - next we plan to add crash rates, client metrics, and yes memory usage by service :wink: Join our community if you’d like to give us feedback along the way.



What does changing the percentile represent exactly?

It looks to be quite useful. However, I wonder why it is limited to just 1000+ daily active users. I believe it would be beneficial for all devs to have access to their experience’s metrics and analytics.

Yes client metrics are coming in June <3


They already answered it. You just need to scroll up just a little more.

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love the new analytics features!

However, while we have your eyes, can I take a moment to highlight this bug that has been ongoing for almost a year?
“View group experience analytics” permission does not seem to work - Bug Reports / Website Bugs - Developer Forum | Roblox

The benefits of having all these new & powerful analytics features are greatly diminished if only the group owner can see them, I want my team members to be able to chew through them.

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Oh my apologies, appreciate it.


Thanks for raising awareness of this, we’ll investigate.


1000 daily unique visits, not concurrent players, it’s not that much


I think that games above 1000 daily active users will definitely use it. For example, I’ve already used it multiple times on my games that have over 1000 daily active users.

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Yet again a good feature that has an annoying cap placed on it :skull:

I really don’t know why you would cap it 1K+ DAU, there are so many nieche games that maybe only have 500+ DAU.

Please remove the cap, it’s just stupid as this feature is really useful.

Is it normal for others that server memory usage drops massievly and slowly increases after each publish + migrate to the newest version or do I just have a memory leak in the game?

Same thing here, but Im not sure if its normal

They already mentioned they had some technical issues regarding this and will be working on that. Best read the thread if you have a complaint to see whether it is already adressed, saves everyone the hassle.


It is possible that you have a memory leak. Only way to really confirm is to stay in the gane for about an hour and compare starting MB to the MB values after the hour passes.

I can’t describe how happy I am with this :heart: :smile:

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