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A little off topic but if genres are being tracked like this internally, could some sort of genre sort return to the Explore page? Being able to see games of a genre that aren’t necessarily part of the featured sort like how we used to with the manually selected genres was a great feature for finding newer titles that is sorely missed.

Doesn’t help until we can have genre sorting back. Why are genres internal? What even qualifies an experience under a certain “internal genre”?

Every time I see an update talking about employing genres, it feels like a smack in the face. Genres were axed in 2017, I made a feature request the very same day that has garnered exceptional support as well as other feature requests of the same nature or in a different take (e.g. experience tags), we were promised them back at RDC, and still nothing.

It’s not a bad update but this one thing irks me to no end, and I’m entirely dissatisfied that we continue to have no replacement nearly 6 years later that would empower us not only for analytics but also for discovery. Developer-driven sorts - NOT staff-curated sorts - would go hand-in-hand with the ability to compare to similar experiences while actively knowing that the data is at least considerably accurate. It feels like staff are moving towards locking in discovery that benefits only the top elite developers by having systems based around these internal sorts and it worries me to no end that staff are suddenly not going to want to change these systems to support better genres.

Why can we not first fix this cripplingly broken discovery first? Why is it so hard to give us genre sorts back or give us an adequate replacement? Enough of this staff-curated discovery, it’s so harmful towards developers who want to break into certain niches without being overshadowed by others who simply have larger capital or standing on a higher irrelevant sort. A good number of players won’t even scroll all the way down to some obscure sorts. Please empower our ability to cater better. The analytics are worthless to me without knowing that I’m reaching the audiences I want to as best as possible without the input of staff who may misinterpret my audience.


I like the changes!

My only complaint right now is that ARPDAU is a solid number which is annoying since that data is less useful now.
ARPDAU should show up to 2 decimal points like it did before since that has a bigger impact on revenue.

Congratulations and great update, any improvement on analytics Dashboard is always welcome!!

Just one question to properly understand the benchmark and this sentence… are you talking about the “Genre” that we decide on “configure Place” for every experience and, therefore, the one which is shown in every experience’ site or we are talking about another “Genre” that both users and developers are not directly aware of?

Thanks for flagging this - we can add back the decimal points.

Update: ARPDAU and ARPPU now have decimal points again :slight_smile:


I hope this is optional. I am not interested in a poorly defined genre group. Every game is different.


Genres are coming back! We are in the process of rolling out changes that will enable genre and theme based discovery, including updates in Studio to reflect the new genre taxonomy. Thank you for your patience and please stay tuned for the official announcements.


You don’t know how much it means the world to me to know that genres are coming back and to have gotten a staff reply after fighting for them since their removal zero day.

As long as we the developers are empowered to better reach our actual audiences and players can discover certain niches in discovery through genre/tag/other such sorting, I’m happy. Analytics will be much more meaningful to me to run and I won’t have to worry about so many arbitrary or inaccessible options as a non-top grossing developer.

It’s been 6 long years and this is one of the things, if done right, that’ll let me rest after being so pessimistic about the future of discovery and independent/small development teams on the platform.


This is amazing news to hear!!

One question with the new genre sort however - Will it be like the old one that was removed several years back (Where you could select a genre and you could scroll down a lot to see lots and lots of games in that genre) or will it only show a few top games in that genre (like how the current genre sorts work on the front page)?

I’m hoping it’ll be like the former; as that could really help a lot of smaller devs’ games be discovered. It’s so difficult for smaller developers to be discovered on the platform nowadays, so something like this could really help.

Not sure why they need to come back? Discovery as it is right now is perfect, as long as you’ve got a good game with good engagement and retention the roblox algorithm will drive players to the game, having a genre filter won’t fix anything. Roblox should only be focusing on personalization.

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Amazing! Will we also be able to use genres when doing UA via sponsorships and ads? This would be a huge step forward in letting us spend money to get players who are interested in our games.

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Finally! Genres are actually being put to use now.

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best thing I’ve heard in years!!

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I, with my full heart and soul, disagree with the notions that discovery is “perfect”, “good engagement and retention drive players to the experience”, “genre filters fix nothing” and “Roblox should only focus on personalisation”.

Every major game market off of Roblox (e.g. Steam) has a genre filter. You can choose what you want to see. Personalised recommendations go hand-in-hand with discovery to show you trends you like, but also clearly being able to delve into something new quickly and being able to scope what you see to certain genres/niches helps you find new content and developers better cater. There’s no reason why Roblox should not have one.

Discovery is an utter pain to work with. Everything about the metrics and requirements to get sorted are arbitrary or internal to prevent gaming the system and it’s impossible to know that staff are picking your experience to go on the right staff-curated sort, if you’re lucky enough to even make it that far. Even then, internal genres are so buried on the discovery page that no one’s looking to scroll that far down to find them. Players are looking for quick and convenient ways to play something that they might have an interest in.

I can’t wait until players skip the top-grossing experiences that constantly hold the number one spots in top metric sorts all year-round or take a gamble with marketing that may result in a massive loss of money trying to even compete with experiences irrelevant to my intended audience. Wwhy should I, who’s creating an RPG for example, compete with simulators? If I get a top spot on RPG genres but not anywhere else, that’s fine; I know that I can at least be discoverable to people who want to look for RPG experiences on Roblox, as that’s my audience, and not casual players.

Discovery sucks bad and a genre sort would be the first step to allowing developers of all metrics to be able to have even a chance WITHOUT staff input or top metrics. Some of us just want to make experiences and have a small audience at all, which is already difficult enough to get. We can have both personalisation and genres, but don’t kid yourself on thinking discovery is perfect; it isn’t, unless you’re a top developer.

Poor discovery in turn impacts analytical capabilities. I don’t want an echochamber of players who only support my experience; I want to perform deeper analytics on players who are interested in the same genre as my experience but not necessarily from my community, as it can help me see where I need to improve to make the gameplay better.


Come back to me when you have 1K concurrent players without advertising it, if all you need is a


Genres are personalisation. Ahh, the hypocrisy :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Personalization refers to the home page with the sorts specifically tailored to your interests, this is infinitely more effective at presenting games a player would enjoy playing, rather then a filter that will do nothing and noone will use.


I understand this is for experience but as a UGC creator analytics is also very important for us, we have to join a 3rd party game to keep track of how our accessories are doing.

Would it be possible for group stores to receive the same love in terms of analytics updates :pleading_face::pray:


Since this feature is coming back, I do have a few things I think would be worth mentioning.

“Advanced Search Filters”, or some form of sorting, would be a tremendously useful feature for discovering new games. I can imagine such a system would allow players to see games based on:

  • How recently updated the game is.
  • How old & new the game is.
  • How many concurrent players there are.
  • A “Trending” feature where it shows a game with either active daily players, or rising player counts.

A lot of platforms, including Steam, has features exactly like this on their store front. It allows games that would otherwise be forgotten to be given the chance to prosper. And it would help TREMENDOUSLY with giving smaller game developers a chance to earn money themselves, without having to adhere to trends, nor the advertisement algorithm to help them. Otherwise, I would much prefer if the sorting was based around player count too. Like in the old days.

Besides that, thank you for adding this feature back, seriously. I missed exploring games based on genres. And I think a lot of kids today would feel inclined to look at various genres just as much as I did back in the day. This is the best update I can think of for the platform.


This was amazing news. However, it seems that very recently, some users have gotten access to the supposed “new genre filter”. And unfortunately, it seems that it isn’t really a filter.

Firstly, the amount of genres to pick from is less than what we previously had. The ones omitted include: Sci-Fi, FPS, Town and City, Western, Comedy, Naval, Building, and Medieval. FPS might’ve been moved into the Fighting category but I don’t know. There are new genres which include: Obby, Shopping, Tycoon, and Vehicles. I don’t really know why Shopping is a genre now. I understand Obby, Tycoon, and Vehicles, but I don’t know about Shopping.

Secondly, it seems that the genre filter isn’t really a filter. Pressing on the genre buttons just searches up the word in Roblox’s poor search system. Searching on Roblox is very unreliable due to it showing completely irrelevent games when you search up something. For example, searching up “educational” brings up many games that are not educational games. “Rainbow Friends” is not an educational game. So when you press the genre buttons, the wrong games can appear. I searched up “military” and found a few completely irrelevent games in seconds.

The new genre update seems like it will unfortunately not be the genre filter we cherished back then. As usual with many seemingly good updates, it usually turns out to include bad things.


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