Anarchy Islands | Devlog Update 1

Update 1 | 8/4/2021
We’re gonna start posting changelogs in here

Greetings my name is @PringleCPP and I am the Lead Developer / Owner of Tebrix Interactive! We are currently developing a game by the name of Anarchy islands, where users can create their own militias. Survive the harsh landscapes and craft or sell tons of items. We are currently looking for a builder if anyone is interested you can contact me via twitter @PringleCPP


  • Added Leaning System
  • Added Aiming Down Sight Reload
  • Fixed Slidelock issues
  • Fixed the viewmodel color bug.
  • Merged the Leaning system script into Gunscript_Local
  • Fixed Viewmodel stays on place on unequip.
  • Fixed FirstEquipSound not Playing
  • Added breakable glass
  • Added door locking and the ability to shoot door handles to unlock it.
  • Inventory system coded but no ui because ui hard
  • Created my own datastore system
  • Added currency
  • Created a lot of work on the island
  • Base to the vehicle physics
  • New animations
  • Stamina
  • Base to hud
  • Ability to holster weapons
  • Sneaking
  • WIP new animal API
  • Shopkeepers work!
  • New shop HUD

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