AncestryChanged Path Checking Within A Hierarchy

Today has been very productive with several concerns I have come upon and they have been addressed very methodically, I love it! So, to keep it going:

Hey Developers!

After figuring out How To Substitute Text For Variables I saw that I had another issue I figured I could fix with the event AncestryChanged.

How far does AncestryChanged go (To me, it looks like it only goes to a nested child’s immediate parent)? My issue lies within one script (two really) ObjectCloning and the fact that it changes names of certain objects (intended). I want to write an event that will go to the point of conflict and change the name to a related term to avoid erroring.

Here are the deeds:

Function inside ObjectCloning:
function ObjectCloning.CreateAssignedZoneClone()
local AssignedZoneClone = UnassignedZone:Clone()
AssignedZoneClone.Name = ZonePrefix … “_”… tostring(“Left”) … “”… ZoneSuffix
AssignedZoneClone.Parent = game.Workspace.VideoDetectionObjects.VideoZones
Output of ObjectCloning.CreateAssignedZoneClone(): Vz_Left

I want the dubbed function PathCheck() to run an event that can correct the referenced paths of the selection box Vz34:

local AssignedZone = game.Workspace.VideoDetectionObjects.VideoZones.Vz34[...]
local ZoneName = game.Workspace.VideoDetectionObjects.VideoZones.Vz34[...]
local ZonePrefix = game.Workspace.VideoDetectionObjects.VideoZones.Vz34[...]
local ZoneIDNumber = game.Workspace.VideoDetectionObjects.VideoZones.Vz34[...]
local ZoneSuffix = game.Workspace.VideoDetectionObjects.VideoZones.Vz34[...]

My thoughts: A for loop to iterate through the hierarchy in order change the problematic syntax?

Something like ROBLOX’s example on the Developer Wiki (Descendants):

    function descendants(obj, depth)
         assert(obj and obj.GetChildren, "object parameter is missing or is not an instance")

    local function yieldtree(obj, level)
         if depth and level > depth then
    for _, o in ipairs(obj:GetChildren()) do
         coroutine.yield(o, level)
         yieldtree(o, level+1)

return coroutine.wrap(function() yieldtree(obj, 1) end)