Anchor module! [Free to use]

Anchor module!
Have you ever wanted to anchor a players character but they can just reset and move freely or they aren’t loaded in and you get errors :sad:

This module anchors the players root part to a specific CFrame and will stay there even if they die. This continues until they are unanchored. :shock:

Here is an example:

Get module here

How to use:
First, we want to require the module id. Alternatively, you can take a copy of it and reference it that way.

local module = require(12354059503)

Now I want to anchor my character 10 studs above the centre of the world. To do this I will simply do:

local module = require(12354059503)

module:Anchor(game.Players.ItzBloxyDev,,10,0)) -- Takes two arguments. One the player. Two the position.
Now I want to UnAnchor the player after 10 seconds. To do this I add:
local module = require(12354059503)

module:UnAnchor(game.Players.ItzBloxyDev) -- Only takes the player
Now we are done! Feel free to use how you like.

If you want to do even more, you can access a table of all the anchored people. This is useful to see who is being anchored, or to change the position of a player. Here is an example:

module.Anchored[game.Players.ItzBloxyDev] =,100,0)

That’s it,
Thanks :upside_down_face:


Simple idea, great execution! :+1: