Anchorable Seat With Replicating Animations

Two issues I had with the archaic seats:

  1. If you anchor the seat this happens:

  2. Limbs moving to sitting position don’t replicate to other clients:

So, I decided to fix both of these issues:

That “seat” is an anchored Part with a script in it to do all the work – I kind of wish RotateP still was hidden so I could have that script be less obtrusive to people who can’t script, but oh well. I used a weld (bug?) to my advantage to allow this to work with an anchored part – if you weld an unanchored part to an anchored part, the unanchored part will freeze at its current position, regardless of the C0/C1 of the weld (this is why you freeze in place when the torso touches an anchored seat). I simply moved this unanchored part to the center of the anchored part, welded them together, and then welded the torso to that unanchored part, which worked because both parts were unanchored :stuck_out_tongue:

Link to “seat”:

Some ROBLOX dev please make real seats work like this – kind of silly that they don’t. Merely brought it up when he was interning his first time IIRC and nothing was done to resolve the issue.

Do seats work correctly with filteringEnabled btw?

Does your seat work with filteringEnabled? (I assume it does)

I believe seats work with filtering, and mine should as well since there aren’t any local scripts involved.

Could you check? :stuck_out_tongue: I’d definitely consider using them if they do work.

Could you check? :stuck_out_tongue: I’d definitely consider using them if they do work.[/quote]

If they don’t run any code on the client then they work with filtering. I can’t think of anything that would contradict that.

You could do that, or you could just use a Motor6D as that bug does not happen with them. Yaaaaayyyyyy!

Just tested with FilteringEnabled and it works. Also, in the editor, I noticed “[ hide ]”, which was labeled as “Hide text from guests”. Anyone know if non-RbxDev members will be able to see our threads or something?

Non-RbxDev members won’t be able to view any threads in the RbxDev forums. You need to login / have an account to view the Forums

Left Hip is not a valid member of Part
Script ‘Workspace.AnchorableSeat.Script’, Line 30
Stack End

That popped up when we reset our characters while on the seat

Oops – major flaw on my part. I’ll get right on to fixing that.

I’ve always wondered why this is still the case, I kind of just assumed that it’s because it’s a hard problem to fix and that it wasn’t worth putting the time in to fix over working on other things. I’ll ask and see if it’s just that no-one has bothered to fix it ever.

Alright, fixed – won’t break when you die on the seat. Also, there was an issue where the debounce would stay true forever if the player died/was removed because it only set to false when the player jumped – I fixed that to where it toggles off the debounce when the SeatWeld is removed, so should function perfectly until seats are updated.