AnchoredPoint doesn't seem to work with Rotation properly

I’m not certain if this is expected with rotation but:

Here’s a Frame with a triangle imagelabel inside of it, the triangle has AnchorPoint 0.5,0.5 so that it’s centered around it’s position, at 0,0,0,0:

Now when I rotate the parenting white frame 90*:

The rotating is weird (look at the center of the triangle before and after. Before it’s covering half of the white Frame, after it’s barely covering anthing) AnchoredPoint seems to be ignoring the Frame’s rotation and thinking that 0,0,0,0 is always Top-Left, regardless of rotation.


This is for backwards compatibility reasons as far as I know, I think a separate property for RotationPoint is being added soon which will be used for rotations.

Backwords compatible with what? I updated OP btw. There’s an issue with how it handles rotations as well.

I think the issue is that the default AnchorPoint is 0, 0 but the default RotationPoint would be 0.5, 0.5. So there needs to be a separate property. I’m not sure about the other issue you are seeing.


Only the white frame is being rotated.

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I’ll look into this, thanks for the report.

This should be fixed on production now, lmk if you see otherwise

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Thank you!

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