Anchoring Network Ownership Parts


For a script that I am making, I need to make an anchored part controllable by the client player. However, the dilemma is that Network Ownership does not allow a client to own an anchored part.

I have attempted to fake anchored by using a BodyGyro and a BodyPosition on the client but it does not withstand other players touching the part.

I would use RemoteEvents but I need to update the position regularly and if I understand correctly, RemoteEvents have rate limits.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated!


When you move around an unanchored part with your character and the part moves, the part movement replicates because network ownership is transferred over to the client. But when a part is anchored/welded physics aren’t simulated on it so it can’t move so there is no point in making the client the network owner.

Are you sure you need this?

I am essentially making a non-humanoid character that flies. It needs to be able to be controlled by the player through user input and using RemoteEvents for this purpose is impractical.

I just had a thought.

I do not care in this scenario if collisions are enabled so I could disable collisions and other players would be unable to move the parts on their screen by standing on them.

I will test this idea out later. I still need good settings for making BodyGyros and BodyPositions seem instant though.

If anyone is curious, I found a solution that works for me. I just added a BodyVelocity and set BodyVelocity.Velocity to 0, 0, 0 and set BodyVelocity.MaxForce to math.huge, math.huge, math.huge. I did something similar with a BodyGyro. Allow my character to move I created a custom character movement script that updated the BodyVelocity.Velocity as needed.

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