Ancient Greek City of Pergamos Reimagined: Built February 2019

Built in 1-2 months


Really cool, normally I wouldn’t like low poly-ish terrain but this is really good and the building look fairly detailed.

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Thanks man, I wanted to make a game that puts detail to the farthest extent whilst working very well with player count, and huge lands.

Also I forgot to add, I like how the building are placed/positioned. (PLS don’t flag me)

This is AMAZING. Kudos to you man! For how much work this would take, you put a lot of detail in!

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How’d you make the terrain look like that?

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It’s not actual terrain, it’s just parts lol


Its triangle noding, basically I place them at certain positions to make it look like mountain side, my smooth terrain map will come out soon, as I realized I’m really good at it

10/10 no words. Im so shocked at this its so freaking beautiful. Keep the good work up

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absolutely beautiful, how did you make the terrain? Well I know how, triangle parts but. How so fast? did you use a script to randomly generate it like this? GridModule - A module for creating triangle grids or did you do it by hand. ( Or by plugin

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I myself am Greek and I’m surprised to see such a good project like that! I can’t find something that’s missing, it’s pretty epic to see you focused on details.

Even though I can’t believe you forgot something, you can go here and check for details:

It’s in Greek, sorry :frowning:

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Hey thanks man, what did you think I misse?

Nah I don’t use scripts to place them for me. When you place them yourself it makes envisioning it very easy, and the terrain was very easy for me to do.

This was my 2017 and 18 designs

and piraeus:


So, did you use a plugin? or did you do it brick by brick ( just using wedges and unions)

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For the terrain I would place nodes at specific positions that there will be a somewhat “click” button. the click button will click on 3 nodes. so I’d continue the process. the beauty of it is the fact that you can form your terrain to your designer as best as you want. and from there. smooth terrain it. I am constructing a city right now. this will be shocking as its one of my first time using smooth terrain. It will be really good.