Ancient Shrine Rooftop

Created an ancient scientific -ish shrine rooftop for my upcoming game. I need a feedback to edit any improvements before my game is released. :wink:


I do love the roof, which makes it looks realistic.
The shape looks alright.


Love the roof too!
I think adding a statue at the top makes it look better.

Another example from a distance


ooh ok. I’ll try adding that in.

I like it! But, I don’t really get the “scientific” vibe from here, if that’s what’s your goal is.

This is nice, maybe add some lanterns on each corner, I can only see two.

Oh, I already added those lanterns on each corner. Don’t worry about that… it’s just that I didn’t show the other side.:sweat_smile:

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You should have more layers to the roof then just one, most buildings with that theme have at least two or more roofs, otherwise it looks good.

Aight, thanks. I’ll try adding more then.

It looks really good! I did something similar but with meshes and mine turned out like this

so for parts that looks really detailed and awesome! great job on it!


That looks pretty good! :+1: noice.

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Looks good well done keep up the good work

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Looks great, a bit depressing looking (darker colors, making it look dirty). Should add design to the top and add more pics. goodjob

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If the tiles are made with roblox studio, is there no problem with lags?

Nothing really happened when I tested the game with those tiles :sweat_smile:. And yeah they’re made using roblox studio.

You should display the FPS of the game by looking at the tiles to see, because it would be a shame to have to redo everything once finished because it lag too. I say that because I had already made detailed tiles on roblox but it was lag far too much on large constructions, so now I use Blender. But otherwise your work is impressive

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