Andrevk26 - Professional Builder, Translator, beginning Modeler and GFX / Render Artist

Hey there, my name is Andrevk26, but you can also call me Andre. I’m a builder on the Roblox platform for over two years and also a beginner of modeling and GFX design. Additional, I’m a translator from English to German or German to English.

Feel free to have a look at my work! :slightly_smiling_face:


Some kind of really small underground base I’ve built for fun:

An SCP Sector that I’ve built as commission:

Some stuff for my own game:

Assets I’ve made for Bobbysayhi:


Some (CSG) models for a café group:

Some (Blender) Models for the same café group:
Some assets for my own game:


Other stuff:


Some thumbnails for my own game, profile pictures etc.:



For a friend, I’ve translated this game.
Also, I’m native German and quite good at using English. (Permanent A grades in my English subject.)
To show you some translating skills, I’ve translated Jailbreak’s game description. I’m not sure how else I could prove my German skills. :sweat_smile:

Original Description

:white_check_mark: Handcuff patch is out! :slight_smile: Working on improved mobile shooting next!

We’re back with another monthly update!
:desert_island: NEW ISLAND! with a high security prison!
:radioactive: NUKES! Earn free nukes for reaching Level 50!
:man_detective: 2 SECRETS have been added to the game. One rewards a set of :pig: Piggy themed rims.
:star_struck: NEW LOOK! We’re in Phase 1 of rolling out a beautiful new set of buttons and menus!
:warning: Season 4 (and seasons altogether) are done!

:trophy: Jailbreak is an award-winning game played over three billion times where you can orchestrate a robbery or stop the criminals before they get away! Team up with friends for even more fun and plan the ultimate raid or heist. What role will you play?

:desktop_computer: Programmed by Badcc. @ badccvoid
:art: Art and design by asimo3089. @ asimo3089

Translated Description

:white_check_mark: Handschellen-Patch ist nun draußen! :slight_smile: Wir arbeiten als nächstes daran, das Schießen an Mobilgeräten zu verbessern!

Wir sind zurück mit einem weiteren, monatlichen Update!
:desert_island: NEUE INSEL! Dabei ist ein Hochsicherheits-Gefängnis!
:radioactive:NUKES! Verdiene kostenlose Nukes mit dem Erreichen von Level 50!
:man_detective: 2 GEHEIMNISSE wurden zum Spiel hinzugefügt. Eines vergibt ein Set bestehend aus Felgen im :pig: Piggy Stil!
:star_struck: NEUES DESIGN! Wir befinden uns in Phase 1 vom Herausbringen neuer Knöpfe und Menüs!
:warning: Saison 4 (und alle Saisons insgesamt) sind vorbei!

:trophy: Jailbreak ist ein Auszeichnungen gewinnendes Spiel, welches von über 3 Milliarden Spielern gespielt wurde, in welchem man einen Raub durchführen kann oder Kriminelle davon abhalten kann zu entkommen! Gründe ein Team mit Freunden für noch mehr Spaß und um den ultimativen Raub zu planen oder zu verhindern. Für welche Rolle entscheidest du dich?

:desktop_computer: Programmiert von Badcc. @ badccvoid
:art: Kunst und Design von asimo3089. @ asimo3089

Some work in the Building section is a bit older. (Oldest assets around 5 months.)

I’ve improved my skills even more there. :smile:

Also, please mind that I’m a beginner at GFX and modeling. That means, I’m trying my best, but some stuff might still be hard for me. For example I’m not that good at 2D elements in graphic art or modeling complex structures.

I’m currently still going to school, which means that I’m mostly working in the afternoon. At weekends, I work more and also at night to finish my projects. On school days, I’m spending between 2 and 6 hours with developing.
Sometimes, I can’t develop that much because of private reasons, but that shouldn’t be a big problem. Please mind that. :slightly_smiling_face:

My time zone is MESZ. (Germany)

I like to get paid fairly, because I put a lot of effort in my projects to make my customers happy with their assets. The assets size and detail are the main influencers of the price.

I accept Robux, USD and Euro. I won’t work for a percentage, because I prefer a direct payment after completing my commission. Also, I won’t join a team of Developers for a long-term job, because I like to stay independent and probably have to do multiple jobs.

You can pay me Robux via group payout or shirt. If you use a shirt to pay me, the 30% Roblox Tax will be calculated into the total price of the shirt. That means, it would be a little more expensive for you.

You can contact me here on Dev Forum or on Discord. (I prefer Discord for faster chatting.)

Discord: Andrevk26#0001

At all, thanks for reading my portfolio, and have a nice day! :slightly_smiling_face:


your the guy i need perfect broi added you on discord hope to work together
have a nice day :+1:


Wow! Amazing work :clap: Added you on Discord. Hope to hear from you soon :wink:

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Awesome Work! I added you on discord, Hope we can come to an agreement! :grinning:

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Sent a request on dizzy Jurou#4173