[ANDROID] In-Game Leaderboard doesn't show up

Everything shows up but the In-game player list leaderboard. Also, in the Menu when I click Leave Game and click “Leave” - it doesn’t leave. (Nothing happens when I click the button. “Stay” works fine however)

My device is a Google Nexus 7 tablet and I have the latest version of ROBLOX Mobile on google android play store. (Version 2.158.48944)

Here’s a picture of what I see, no player list.

Edit: It has been solved by CodeWriter.

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Ok, the player list should be back on the Nexus 7 and the Leave Button (which didn’t work) should be gone for all Android devices. To exit from an Android game, use the Back button.

Thanks, I see the player list now. Will the Leave button be back if/when it gets fixed?

According to our Android developers, the correct way of exiting is to use the Back button and not provide a menu to do the same function. So currently, there is no plan to implement a Leave button on Android.

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Got it.

Will we be able to launch ROBLOX Mobile on Android from a browser (preferably Google Chrome) instead of only clicking the Play button in the app itself? I would find this useful.
Right now when you click the play button on a browser, not on the app, you get redirected to this page: http://www.roblox.com/install/unsupported.aspx

The player list doesn’t show up again in the latest version on the Nexus 7 tablet…

Is it possible to include a feature for root users to run the app at a higher DPI?