Andy Studios Logo and Intro UPDATE 2/27

Hello, Robloxians, This Is Andy, here with a New Cool Creation I Made.

Andy Studios, An Animation Team

Andy Studios: what is it? Andy Studios is a team of animators I made.

I Hope You Like This :grin:

I create this logo on Adobe Photoshop. Also: Intro I Made, made from Adobe After Effects

Hello Again, I just recently made a Offical Andy Animation Studios Intro Hope You Like It.


It looks very nice and I like how you used a video camera when you’re a group animators keep it up!


the Logo gives me 2012 Vibes
also the Logo looks cool and nice to
tbh the Logo looks good in a way where I cant describe it exactly.

edit: also is the group opened to be joined rn? as a member?

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I think the text might need some kind of outline like the camera. Currently the outline of the camera makes it really stand out from the background but this cannot be said about the text. To me, it looks like the text blends in with much with the camera meaning it would be hard to see if it was smaller.

Other then that though, I like the choice of font for the “Studios” text of the logo. Definitely fits the theme. But, im not so sure about having different fonts for the two texts.

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Thank You for your reply :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Not Yet (I Think) Im about to make a group in a while :slight_smile:

Thanks, And Yeah I’m going to add some tweaks / some small adjustments :slight_smile: