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Angels Handbook | V1

Inactive Protocol

Note: Inactive for all ranks

When you write an inactive notice on the Discord, a HR+ will either give you a thumbs up reaction, or a thumbs down reaction if you are accepted. If you see someone other than a HR+ has given you a reaction, please contact a SHR+, and we will deal with it. The format for an Inactive note should be like this.

Start & End date:


There will be only one way to get promoted from your rank. Working hard. If you even talk the littlest about a promotion, you might be demoted. We believe it is unprofessional, and we will not tolerate it. Examples of this behavior is “Begging, contacting a HR, or just hinting at all.” Remember, all of this takes time as well, so do not beg a HR+ to host a shift, because that may also result in a consequence.

Alliance Applications Requirements
  1. At least half of the members that our Discord Community has.
  2. At least 1,000 Roblox Group members.
  3. No bots for either one of them.
  4. Your group has to be active, and you have to have Shifts, trainings, etc.
  5. When we host an event, you have to participate in the event.
  6. You have to be professional, and your group has to know what they are supposed to do.
  7. Must not be a well known scammer group.
  8. Must have no drama related in your community.


  1. How would your group benefit Angels Elementary School?
  2. Why did you apply to be an allied representative for Angels Elementary School?
  3. Rate your group’s number of activity on a scale of 1-10.
  4. Rate your group’s number of professionalism on a scale of 1-10.
  5. What are three people who would be representing your group to Angels Elementary School?
  6. Why would Angels Elementary School choose you over all the other applicants?
  7. Please give me the link to your Discord server and ROBLOX Group.

Thank you for taking the time to read this. DM a Public Relations Team Member to apply for allied representative.

Session Schedule

Shift Sessions:

Shifts can be any day of the week. But we have a wait time for every shift you must wait 3 hours after a shift is hosted. Shifts may be not be hosted if there is an event that we host after the event you may host time.


Monday-Tuesday: 11:00AM-12:00PM and 3:00PM-4:00PM and 7:00-8:00PM Eastern Time Zone

Wednesday-Thursday: 11:00AM-12:00PM and 3:00PM-4:00PM and 7:00-8:00PM Eastern Time Zone

Friday-Sunday: Anytime but must wait 3 hours after the last training before hosting one.


Monday-Tuesday: 1:00PM-2:00PM and 5:00PM-8:00PM and 11:00-12:00AM Eastern Time Zone

Wednesday-Thursday: 1:00PM-2:00PM and 5:00PM-8:00PM and 11:00-12:00AM Eastern Time Zone

Friday-Sunday: Anytime but must wait 3 hours after the last interviews before hosting one.

Trainer/Helper Guide

Hello, and welcome to the Trivia portion of this training session! I am your Trainer, (user).

I will be sending you IV questions on what your basic knowledge of grammar as well as your basic knowledge on Angels Elementary School.

Before you begin, do you have any last minute questions you would like to ask me?

Alrighty! Let’s start.


Question I - Correct this sentence: hi welcome to angels elementary school. how may I assist you today!

Question II - :pm all Why do you want to work for Angels Elementary School?

Question III - How many warnings do you give a troller before calling an MR/HR?

Question IV - What kind of subjects does Angels Elementary School teach?

[Trolling/Exploiting simulation]

Welcome to the last portion of your training session, trolling/exploiting simulation!

Please remember to give trollers II warnings before calling an MR/HR.

Are we ready to begin this portion?

Alrighty! Admins may now proceed with the trolling section first.

[Exploiters part]

Welcome to the exploiters part of the trolling/exploiting simulations.

One of my admins will come up to your computer desk and act as if they are an exploiter.

Exploiters get NO sort of warning at all. Not even a little “Please get out of the office.”

You will immediately call an MR/HR and take a screenshot or some sort of video for proof of the exploit.

Are there any questions?

Great! Let’s begin this portion.

[Finished portion]

(If they pass, bring them to the starting area to be ranked. If they didn’t fail them.)

Congratulations! You have passed this training session. Please follow me to the area you will be promoted in.

Unfortunately, you have not passed this session for today. Don’t forget, you may try again at another session. Dismissed.

Training Host Guide/Promoter Guide/Dismissing MRs

Required Ranks:

Host (1)

Co-Host (1)

Ranker (1)


Discord/Group Shouts:

[First Starting]

Greetings, Angels! We have a Training going on at the Training Center. Why not head on down to maybe receive a promotion? I wish all the In Training that come down luck!


Hello again, Angels! We have now slocked the server. You will not be able to enter the server anymore. If you did not make it in, don’t worry. There are always more sessions!


Trainings have now concluded, Angels. Thank you for the staff that came to my session, it is greatly appreciated. Why not head on down to the school to teach some classes to the students? Sounds great to me!

(Depending on how many In Training, name one helper AESGI Trainer. If there are more than 1-2 trainees, name one person AESGII Trainer.)

Training Shouts:

Hello, and welcome to my Training session! My name is (username), and I will be your host of this session. I will be guiding you through training so that you know everything you need to know.

This is my co-host, (username). They will also be guiding you through this training as well.

I would like to thank all of my staff members for coming out and helping me today at this session. It is greatly appreciated.

Now we will be getting onto the rules of Angels Elementary School.

[RULE #I] Respect | Respect is required in any Angels Elementary School’s affiliated games. If you do not show respect, there will be further consequences for your actions.

[RULE #2] Professionalism | All of our staff members are required to be professional at all times. Which means no goofing around during serious situations. There is a time and a place for being foolish.

[RULE #3] Grammar | Grammar is required at all times at Angels Elementary School’s affiliated games. Failure to use grammar will result in an automatic fail for your training and could be a demotion if not being used at the school.

[RULE #4] Promotions | Please keep in mind promotions are earned for hard work and dedication. Do NOT ask for a promotion. If you do end up asking for a promotion, or hinting for one, you will be fired immediately.

[RULE #5] Complaining | If you do not get promoted one day and someone else does, you should not complain about how you were more active than them. You should simply just work harder.

[RULE #6] Complaining Continued | If you do not pass a training session, do not go complaining on the group wall or on our discard. If you do, you will have further consequences.

Now that we have covered Angels Elementary School’s policies/rules, are you guys ready or no?

ready to train?

Alrighty, MRS to your stations, please. LRS stay seated until you are called to your helpers by me.

LRs go find your helper at the station they are at.


Congratulations on passing. Please wait here while I promote you. This might take a while, so sit tight.

(Once promoted, refresh the In Trainings. MRs should be staying until you dismiss them.)

Okay, you are now promoted. You are now I rank above your other rank. Enjoy your new rank, dismissed!

[Dismissing MRs]

:m Thank you all for coming to this session. You are all now dismissed from my training. Have a good rest of your night/day!

Interviewer Guide

Interviewers will walk down to the Interview Room and say a greet.

Then take them to a room.

Before starting the questions do a grammar test.

You will say this (make sure to copy and paste)>>> :pm(their name) Please correct this grammar: i wove angels elementary school becase it greet

If they correct it right change their name to “Passed grammar”.

Interview questions

Why do you want to work at Angels Elementary School?

Why should we hire you over other candidates?

How could Angels Elementary School benefit you?

Why did you choose Angels Elementary School over other groups?

What would you do to help us grow?

On a scale of 1-5, how good is your grammar? Why did you rate it the way you did?

Do you have any experience working in the business industry? If so, which groups and what ranks?

If they get 3+ mistakes, it is a fail. If they get 2 or fewer mistakes, they pass. Also, make sure to name them passed if they passed!

Interview Host Guide

Management: Host

Supervisor: Interviewer

Shouts: Please shout on Discord and the Group Page.

FIRST SHOUT: Interviews are being hosted by (Username)! Come on down to the Interview Center for a chance to get a job at Angels Elementary School! Slocking in 10 minutes!

Main Campus V2 - Roblox

SECOND SHOUT (Once Slocked): The Interview Center has officially been SLOCKED! Sorry if you could not make it! If you couldn’t make it, head down to the school to cheer up and have fun!

THIRD AND FINAL SHOUT (ONCE FINISHED): Interviews have now concluded! Sorry if you couldn’t make it! Head down to the school for a lesson and to learn some subjects. That sounds like a lot of fun to me!

When it is time to begin The Host and Co-Host start with the following (Copy and paste it):

Salutations welcome to interviews! I am your host, (username). I will be assisting you today through this interview. Best of luck!

Co-Host: Hello, welcome to interviews. I am your co-host, (username)! I also will be assisting you today through this interview. Best of luck!

Then the Host will say this:

Before we start, let’s go over a few rules that are important for you to know.

[Grammer]: Remember to use grammar at all times! It is recommended that you use proper grammar and that you at least write one complete sentence for each answer. If you do not use grammar, you will most likely fail your interview.

[Respect]: Remember to always respect everyone, most importantly respect your interviewer! If you do not respect people, your chances of passing your interview will be very low.

[Complaining]: If you fail please do not complain here or on the group wall for it is not an appropriate behavior. If you are caught doing this we will have to bring out consequences.

That is all the rules. Now, who’s ready?

Interviews may now proceed.

Admin Abuse Command List
  • :gear (Command)

  • :to & :bring (Command) Only bring them to you or go to them if it is a report case or unless you get permission.

  • :respawn (Command) Don’t use this unless they have 3 warnings for having something against Roblox Terms of Service.

  • :kick (Command) Do not kick them unless they have 3 warnings.

  • :ban (Command) Do not ban them unless they have 3 warnings and 3 kicks.

  • :pban (Command) Do not pban them unless they have an alt or unless they are breaking Roblox Terms of Service.

  • :speed (Command) Do not use the command unless you have permission and proof by V1uk.

  • :jump & :jumppower (Command) Do not use this command unless you have permission and proof by V1uk.

  • :sm, :m, :h (Command) Do not use this unless it is important or something big or bad is going on.


What are strikes? Well we are going to explain them to you all today. Strikes are like warnings but instead we call them strikes our staff has the option to receive 3 strikes and if they do receive 3 strikes they get demoted down a rank or they can be fired if they are really bad rules they break.

Note: Only High Ranks can give strikes due to if any rank can give them they would abuse it the system for strikes.

Updated on 7/15/2019, made by V1uk.


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