Angular Velocity Rotation Keeps Lagging

Hey guys. I am trying to fix a randomly rotating cube that uses angular velocity and linear velocity. When one person stands on the cube, there is no lag, and it rotates perfectly using a rotation script that changes angular velocity values. However, as soon as TWO or more people stand on the rotating cube, it starts to lag and freeze. I’ve tried setting the parts of the cube to a server network owner, but this hasn’t fixed the problem. Any recommendations on what should be done?

for i, child:Instance in pairs(workspace:FindFirstChild("CurrentMap"):GetDescendants()) do
	if child:IsA("BasePart") then 
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I believe it’s because as soon as Players get near a Part they assume Ownership so their computer can handle the physical interaction with them.
I think I may have seen another post about checking for changes in SetNetworkOwner and resetting it back to nil.

Do you have a link to this post? I’ve been trying to solve this lagging problem for a few days and I’ve gotten nowhere with it.

Are you sure there isn’t just lag in your game that’s causing the freezing when 2 players are on the sphere?

Sorry, I can’t remember exactly which post it was. Try the Search tool with terms like networkownership lag, or lag when more than one player, stuff like that.

To be honest, I have no clue what it could be. There are no errors in the output. After asking around, most people assumed that I had the wrong network owner.