AngularVelocity not rotating correctly

I have this AngularVelocity on all these parts. All the models are setup the same, same attachments, same part properties.
Works fine here

But then on this one, it just goes wonky

AngularVelocity properties


Have you tried setting the sign’s Massless to true and CustomPhysicalProperties.Density to 0.01?


As @Downrest said but u can also change maxtorque to inf

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This seemed to fix it on start, but as servers get older, they start to flip and rotate :confused: how can I prevent them from ever doing this and just staying on their right axis

Have you tried what @nanosph suggested?

I would suggest using a hinge constraint with the actuator set to motor.

But if you want to keep your current setup I would make sure the RelativeTo is set to World (it is in the screen capture but just make sure its like that on the one acting wierd).

Also double check your parts are anchored… the one attachment that is below your sign.

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This is just calculation issue try changing network ownership to the player

How? I can’t. Can only be set to a single player, but happens for everyone on the server. Unless there’s a way I can do these on single clients, without causing lag and using loops to edit cframes

Players.PlayerAdded:Connect(function (plr)

Try this method

That’s just gonna set it to the most recent person who joins. They will all start to become wonky on everyone else’s server

Still haven’t gotten a clean fix for this and still happening consistently across all servers

Go for the hinge constraint suggested earlier.

Or if you are lazy just set the cframe back to where it started at 1 minute intervals. Adds another glitch though.

Or use tweening to tween the cframe repeatedly. I have posted a game elsewhere that has a coin spinning script that does this. (Magic Monster Maze.)

I just now noticed that you have an AlignPosition also on this sign and it might be that this is conflicting with your AngularVelocity. Please provide more info about this align position and how it is set up… have you tried to disable this align position to isolate your velocity issue? Just seems like alignment is changing and you have an align constraint in there, this might be the culprit.

The AlignPosition is just there so the sign doesn’t fall through the world, as it’s unanchored. It has 2 attachments, basically 1 on the sign and one on an anchored part, and has RigidityEnabled set to true

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I would really suggest the hinge motor especially since you already have the two parts set up… its one simple constraint and verrrrry stable for performance and reliability. You could even test the two setups side by side and see which one performs to your liking.