Animaitons Playing on Wrong Weapon

Hello, I am having a problem with my animations for my weapons. Since the weapons have some of the same names for the parts, such as the Blowback part the animation plays for both of them, which I dont want. You can see the blowback part going back on the AK and the Deagle, I only want the aniamtion to play for the AK. How can I prevent this?

Edit: I do know that I could change the names but I do not want to do this, is there another way?

Show us your code so that we know what to tell you.

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You have to show the code in order to help, or atleast parts so we can look. I have a feeling that you have the animation looped to two guns, and you need to break the lines. Let me know if this helps.

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Its fine I just ended up changing the welding the parts on the holstered guns and when they are equipped I destroy the welds