Animate a Bow tool in Studio

I want to be able to make a bow tool which is animated with the character, for example the animation of pulling back the bowstring would use the character’s arms as well as changing the model of the bow tool itself. I haven’t experimented much with animating parts of a tool in Studio, and would love some help.

I have tried looking for some solutions online, but they are too complicated for me to follow, and maybe I just didn’t find the right person yet. Would love some help!

You would want to make the player and the bow one rig, you can get this done ingame by rigging the bow at runtime, and whenever the player equips the bow, create a new Motor6D that will act as the handle weld, and when time comes to draw the bow, I believe you can use Mesh Deformation to get the string pulled back relative to the potential energy that is stored inside the tension of the string. I’ve never used mesh deformation before, so Im not sure if you can animate deforming or not, but this is how I would assume to do it. I also didnt precheck the video i linked but it looked like it could be useful so