Animate script that uses the user's walk instead of run animation


Wordy title, but it gets the point across.
I was tired of my walk animation never being used unless I was on a mobile device or using controller, so I decided to modify the default animate script to use the Walk animation when walking, instead of the run animation.

The default ‘runspeed’ and ‘walkspeed’ used to trigger and tween the animations can be configured via a NumberValue inside the script. By default I have the RunSpeed set to 24, but you can easily change it to match your game’s run tool/gui/key.

Just parent the script to StarterCharacterScripts and configure the Walkspeed/Runspeed to your liking and you’re good to go.


I know that SnakeWorl’s The Streets 2 has an implementation of movement animations like this. I honestly thought it was a waste to only use those animations on mobile or controllers - if you apply it properly, the Run animation on R15 actually works very well for sprinting but not so much for walking or all movement paces.

Nice little trinket you got here.


Thanks! It’s not the most complicated piece of code in the world, but it does its job. Hoping it can get some use out here, or at least inspire someone to make something like it for themselves.


Thank you so much for this! It definitely makes walking looks better for my game! :smile:


Thankw, and great job making this! :+1:


Thank you for providing this :+1: ! However why some of the animations are gone? There should be “toolnone”, “toolslash”, “toollunge” etc. in the Animate script inside the character.


After using the script:


I’m pretty sure those animations are hardcoded onto the Animate script and the descendant values are merely used to apply modifications to the internal table of animations (that includes AnimationIds and weighting). The absence of those values shouldn’t have an impact on your work. Correct me if I’m wrong.


There are animation inside the values, I wish to change the animations that were gone, like Sit, toolnone etc.


Re-read my post.

In your use case, you can probably add the missing values yourself. The Animate script should then use those as the animations instead of the ones hardcoded in the script.

I’ve never really forked or checked through the Animate script. Though, again, the absence of these values should not affect you. If you wish to modify the animations used, change the ids in the script or add ValueObjects with Animation descendants.