Animate stop while at waypoint

i have a pathfinding ai and it uses waypoints to travel and everytime it stops at the waypoint the animation stops playing anyone know what to do

for some reason the video isnt showing in my pc

Possibly can you use a code block so we can see your code?

I took this from my phone let me get the script

what script do u want to see to fix this

Your scripts that your using for the AI

idk why it sends dups of the photo

Is there a error in the output?

Did you make this script yourself or it’s someone’s other script?

A you tubers script from a vid called making piggy from scratch and no there is no errors

Do you have any preview or something, so we can see what animation are you talking about?

I sent a video does it not show? I can resend

No need. I just didn’t notice about that.

When it’s arms and legs go up to the sky that’s when the animation stops playing that’s when it gets to a check point

Maybe the animation is supposed to stop there.

Yea but I have it on looped and the animation is long

Maybe make an animation for it to use when it’s idle.

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Oh Dident think of that thanks

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