Animate your Avatar with your movement

I imagine me walking around like this the whole time in a game.


Not seeing the option to enable this in settings. I’m ID age verified and have voice chat enabled.


You’ll look like a zombie if were gonna make that face all around plus the mini face cam in the corner makes it look weird without the hat, making you look like you’re missing pieces of your hair. Edit: nvm it was just hat being as blue as the sky.

  • the padding does not align
  • the mic icon looks unusually stretched out
  • the colors dont match any other coregui component
  • honestly nothing matches any other coregui components old or present


this looks horrifying i shall now use it as my pfp thank you





Please just put them in the topbar or in the escape menu. These icons just look ugly and take up way too much of the middle of the screen (which is supposed to be left uncluttered in the first place since that’s where players’ eyes will be 90% of the time). I understand why the microphones were in speech bubbles since they actually represented speech but the camera has zero reason to be here.


I’m not against the animated faces or the camera movement at all, I think its a pretty sweet update, although it seems completely useless. Your guys’ whole goal is for users to express themselves, although when you take away classic faces it takes away from people to express themselves. Although I’m not a huge fan of the new camera and microphone button above our heads, I preferred the old one. It looks clunky, unpolished and its too small. I’d prefer to have just the microphone Icon over our heads while the camera button was in the player menu. I also think you guys should keep the classic faces on sale, it will allow for people to express themselves if they don’t want the animated ones. Roblox shouldn’t be a place solely to communicate with friends or hang out, in reality it’s a game, and 90% of “experiences” are games. And sure there are hangout places and stores, but if you really take a look, in reality they are all games. Instead of focusing on updates no one asked for just to make Roblox feel like an experience and not a game, listen to the community and spend time working on updates they ask for.


I don’t really understand this update.

1. Does it capture all the movement visible on camera, including arms and legs, or only facial animations?
2. Are the animations replicated to other clients (Do other players see your animations)?


Anywhere it is, it will take up wanted space by developers. If they use the topbar (not escape menu), then things like HD Admin, and TopbarPlus will be affected. If it’s only in the escape menu, then you won’t be able to mute yourself as quickly. Putting it in the new chat UI could be nice, but not every game has the chat visible, so…


I want to appreciate the team that did this because this is hard to do and implement.

That being said, I don’t know if this is good or not for this platform. I get we want to progress further but, the metaverse is dead. I wish Roblox was about making and only making games. That’s where it shines.

This whole “live your life in real time virtually” is frankly out of taste and really, really weird.

As a developer, I would love if there was more investment in progression of the game engine so that it could compete with Unity and UE5. Right now, it’s like we’re going backwards.


Agree 100%. Personally, I would also like to have an option that removes the bubble entirely in favor of key binds to toggle mute on and off, or a button to push to talk on PC devices. The bubble in general is a bit intrusive and I have accidentally unmuted myself when I didn’t intend to multiple times already.


The large yellow BETA button already takes up space in that area and is even harder to correct for in TopbarPlus, so replacing that with a topbar button that controls camera & microphone settings would probably be the way to go.


My account is age verified, but I am not being prompted to enable my camera in the privacy settings. Am I missing something?


The microphone UI and camera UI is ugly tbh, that I thought it was a bug initially when I saw the mic. Please rework it!


I do not have the option under privacy settings, I have a camera and am using a dynamic head. Is it only rolling out for certain users? I’m not age verified, but that shouldn’t matter since this is 13+.


I don’t have this yet.

Also rework your whole voice chat support team.


I have added a concept for this UI to my post above: :link: View here


Meanwhile I’m having problems uploading my models to Roblox that’s been going around for a whole month, they still haven’t fixed the issue after 3 useless updates.


Glad to see that this is being added quickly. But (as usual) I have a few questions.

What counts as a developer? Sounds like a simple question, but my second account, which I have never opened Roblox studio on or opened the Developer Forum on, has this feature. My main account, where I have made games for a few years now (not big games, but at least made them), and have access to the Developer Forum, only has voice chat. While I don’t mind waiting, this just seems like a confusing system.

Now, it is a small change that I would make, but couldn’t this be an option in the game settings to disable this popping up every time I turn my camera on?

As I said my second account has the camera feature but it does not have chat with voice. They also see the mute all button. Does this mean that non-voice chat players will be able to hear voice chat or is this a bug?

Another thing that I forgot to mention,
Far fetched but…
Is there a plan to support this on VR? The way things are going with VR is adding face tracking. This feature already exists in Meta Quest Pro. So, will there be a time that this works in VR?
It might already but I don’t have a Meta Quest Pro to test it.


I’m having the same issue too, along with being ID verified.


I feel like this would go horribly wrong very quickly lol