Animated Character

Alright, you might have seen this in couple of games lately, were characters (usually owners, devs) have their character in the game doing an animation (wave usually). I have tried to search around how they do it but I got nowhere.

If anyone has an idea how this works let me know!

i know how it works here is the script
local ani = script.Parent.Humanoid

local anim = ani:LoadAnimation(script.Parent.Animovement)


Have a animation in the character you can call the animation whatever you want just change animovment to the name of your animation object in the character. Make sure that the animation id you put in there is your animation

make sure the character is unanchored

let me know if you have trouble


Thank you so much for your help! I’ll try it and let you know!


I’m confused what to do exactly. Can you show me how you do it

how do you want me to show you it a video or team create?

Whatever is easier for you. Maybe video

i will do video on youtube on my channel

a very short video

30 characters

its going to be laggy because my graphics card got fried somehow but not much you can see what im doing…

make sure to put in a animation not a animationcontroller

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Error occured. Link?

It’s too laggy I miss points of the script at the end. I did what you showed still nothing.

i can do team create in a flat template

Sent request. I will invite you

I’m ridiculous and forgot to save…

oh no lol im coming back right now

This belongs in Scripting Support, not Art Design Support.

For future reference :

There are a lot of tutorials and API pages for these sorts of things on the developer docs.

It includes animation too tho. I didn’t have a clue which place to put it. I put it here as its mainly an animation.